Showcase – Kinnikuman stuff from Japan

12 01 2007

Here’s what I got from my Japan trip in December 2006 besides the 12″ figures. Japan’s toy stores are hot on minature toys such as these Kinnikuman armour pieces that I bought. Usually, they will come in a full set… which is what I should had got. Instead, I picked from individual boxes and ended up with 2 Robin Mask and 1 Goldman. A little too late to regret now.

Anyway, Kinnikuman was a comic I had read as a kid. The wrestling battles were especially fascinating. Besides Kinnikuman the lead, I must say that Robin Mask was the other guy that I remembered from the series. And Robin Mask was my favourite character then because he was easily the coolest looking and more powerful characters. Therefore, I was hoping I could land his armour when I was picking the 3 boxes. Problem was, I had picked them on separate days(1 at Yamashiroya and 2 at Yodobashi Akiba) and the chances of getting a duplicate item was even higher. Now I got 2 Robin Mask! Kinda hope it was something else. Goldman is a welcome although I do not have any recollection of seeing this mask in the series then.

Enjoy the pics.





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