Incoming – Sideshow Star Wars 12″ Darth Maul

8 01 2007


One of the greatest mysteries in the Star Wars movie story line to me was: How did Jar Jar Binks get to starr in all 3 Prequels whereas Darth Maul met his doom in one movie in which he had little screen time? It seemed to be a case of the fan favourite got out of favour for the kid favourite. That is if this new generation of kids did love this ghastly moron of an alien called Jar Jar.

The release of Sideshow’s Darth Maul is the completion of a full circle for me. Let me explain. With the demise of Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace, it had always been my gripe that he is one character never to be resurrected in Star Wars canon-wise again. Never fulfilled his true potential. Star Wars lore has it that a severing wound at the waist  dooms the victim without a chance of resurrecting again. Now, having this quality Sideshow Darth Maul figure in my collection does help me to let go of that niggling pain I have of not being able to see this cool horned Sith in action again.

It had always been my belief that Maul would be released in 12″ format by Sideshow when they took over the Star Wars 12″ licence. To see those promo pics of the actual Maul figure itself was a quiet relief in itself. Someone outside of LucasFilm would surely give this Sith Lord more credit than his film life! And they had.

And the figure is looking good. The box art is well done and it adds to the excitement of the prospect of breaking this fella out of the box. Opening the flap reveals his nasty signature double-bladed lightsaber. Lightsaberssss actually as Sideshow does a splendid job by including 3 lightsaber hilts! One for the Qui-Gon showdown on Tatooine, one for the dueling with the Jedi master and his apprentice and one for grasping when walking beside Darth Sidious! I love Sideshow!

So, the mystery lives on…

Check back on the review soon…





5 responses

10 01 2007

I told you you’d get yours before I did…..damn retailers, “two weeks” my ass…..grumble.

12 01 2007

Ha. Dude, my Maul review is not out yet! So it’s not too late. 😛

16 01 2007
Shaun Wong

To me its the best facesculpt sideshow ever pulled off. Not surprising considering their previous statues of him was just awesome.

18 01 2007

Yes. The sculpt is really life like! Too bad they don’t usually let statue sculptors do 1/6 figs. Look at the other figs in the SS line. Their premium format statues are better. Breaking it out this weekend!

28 01 2007
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