Showcase – Boba Fett & Jabba’s Last Bounty

6 01 2007

Finally got my Marmit Boba Fett out today for the first photo shoot this year. And with him is Jabba’s last bounty – Han Solo perfectly frozen in carbonite. Well, until my Sideshow Jabba Hutt and Salacious Crumb arrive, these pics will mimic at best the scenes in the cloud city of Bespin.

This Marmit Boba Fett is not the one I purchased recently in Japan. It will still be sometime before I break the other guy out. I have other plans for that boxed fella.






4 responses

16 01 2007
Shaun Wong

beautiful. Marmit is just old skool and a classic in itself. My goodness you getting Jabba! I can’t bring myself to pay $200 for that blob!

18 01 2007

i’m looking forward to jabba actually. got him becos there’s no other 1/6 version of this guy! and the likeness is fantastic!

18 01 2007
shaun wong

Yes likeness is amazing for the piece, you getting the whole works? Sorry if my earlier comment came across as damn rude, what I meant is I just can’t bear blowing away so much for Jabba, no offence.

18 01 2007

Ha. He IS a blob… with a big mouth man! You are spot-on actually! No exclusive for me. Jabba, the throne environment + salacious crumb. Think he is coming next wk or the wk after.

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