Musings – Finishing 24 Season 5!

3 01 2007

Just finished watching Season 5 of 24! I had bought the DVD boxset on the first week of December 2006. Remembered how eagerly I had anticipated its release. Mrs SWFToys and I could not resist the temptation to watch the first episode after that. And so we got out Disc 1 and watched it on the night of 12 December 2006. Ha, it was the night before we flew off to Japan! An it was an explosive first episode… although I had watched it when it was airing on local TV.

It was sooooo good to see Jack again! I remembered how I felt after finishing Season 4 in February last year. It was the usual feeling of… “ok, now… what?”. It was a feeling of loss because you had your adrenaline running on high for that few weeks catching all 24 episodes only to find it come to an end. Ughhh!!! But thankfully, in the Special Features Disc, it had a trailer of Season 5 much to my delight! That trailer was like morphine to ease the pain of not seeing Jack for the next couple of months! But the trailer was great… it was great to see Jack and Chloe all different but alive and kicking!

Well, I did not have the luxury of watching a trailer of Season 6 this time round! Where is the damn trailer man! I was rather confident of watching it until the menu of the Special Features Disc convinced me that the producers of 24 had decided to omit it this time. Man, it was painful this time! Even the other special features items did not help much. I trotted off sadly back to bed without having a clue of what would happen to Jack “Dammit” Bauer.

Well, the comforting thought was that at least Day 6 was confirmed to broadcast in the States this month. I do not think I will be planning to download it from the Web to watch. I’m more of the DVD guy. And that means that it’s about a one year wait for the DVD to hit local shores.

Season 5 is probably the best season so far. I am glad that after 5 seasons, the team behind 24 had not lost their edge. Instead, they have upped their standard and had deservingly won at the Emmy in August 2006. After 5 seasons, it’s about time the stamps fall off the eyes of the judges!

The saddest thing about 24 is probably the loss of a great number of characters that I have come to recognise these years. It’s pretty tough to know that they are gone. I can only trust the producers to introduce better characters in the coming seasons.

Back to the cold turkey.




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