Incoming – Hot Toys 12″ Superman Returns

2 01 2007

It was with great excitement that I discovered the plan to release a Superman 12″ figure at the Hot Toys website. The sculpt and costume of this Superman figure as seen on those promo pics impressed me. While the sculpt was no Christopher Reeves, it showed good resemblance of the new Superman lead – Brandon Routh. The costume was impressive as well with every inch of it looking perfect. I had a drooling good time going through those pictures that day.

Unfortunately, in my excitement, I had overlooked the fine print that this Superman figure was on a limited release status. It was to come with a Certificate of Authenticity with its unique serial number on it. Something similar to the Hot Toys Batman Begins figure. And so it was that when Hot Toys Superman was released locally that every box was snapped up in lightning speed. I did not even had the chance to see a single box on display in retail shops. What was left was the actual figure displyed in the display cabinets of shops. Looking at it up close, I was determined to track and hunt down one for myself!

Through a chain of fortunate events beginning in September 2006, a group of my friends somehow switched our vacation destination from visiting Taiwan to Japan. It was unbelievable that the decision continued to sway between the two Asian countries till October. Everyone sighed much relief when Japan was confirmed to be the destination when the air tickets were issued. That left no doubt now!

It was then that I started to do some homework on places we can visit for the trip. And while doing that, I recalled a location called Blister from one of the local forums. One thing then let to another and I discovered that the Hot Toys Superman was still available there! Now, serious work must be done to ensure success in this aquisition! The rest is history.

With only 2 Batman figures in my display cabinet, I am sorely in need of another superhero. Superman is ideal because of his evergreen popularity with me and his costume does add a much-needed dash of red and blue to that level of my cabinet predominantly saturated with black and brown!




One response

16 01 2007
Shaun Wong

I’m glad you managed to secure this simply beautiful piece and have clark kent on the way as well. Its due today isn’t it? Thank you for pointing out that Hal Jordan was available in blister, my league is now growing!

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