Showcase – 24 Products Catalog 2006

25 12 2006

Here’s a products catalog for 24 that I picked up in Yamashiroya in Tokyo. Sharing here with all fellow fans of this great series! Another good news is that a new Day starts in January! Too bad there were no 12″ Jack Bauer figure available while I was there. I guess the hunt for Jack continues…

There are 4 pages to the catalog. Enjoy!

24 Catalog Page 1

24 Catalog Page 2

24 Catalog Page 3

24 Catalog Page 4




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29 12 2006

Sorry if it’s off-topic, but I just got the Medicom Stormtrooper and Toy Soldier ACU SF.

The Medicom is amazing, the pictures online just don’t do it justice, I don’t really care about the size issue as I’m going to be displaying it with the future Shadow Trooper. I really liked it, the only thing that keeps coming up in my head is “WOW” over and over. Lets just say I’m satisfied, lol (got it for cheaper too, compared to other prices). As for the TS, its just as cool, though this guy is overflowing with extra accessories, pretty cool compared to other offerings.

31 12 2006

Hey Gab, the way you are going with your Medicom Stormie is making me consider getting it. What do you think is the biggest plus point for it?

Glad to know you like it!

1 01 2007

A friend let me handle a marmit sandtrooper he had and I felt that the articulation is it’s major fault, by comparison the medicom had articulation up the wazoo without needing to go resort to modifying anything (getting a DML/BBi body, cutting up boots,…). The paint job, though minimal, is nice and crisp with clean lines. Problem is, he gleams, I really don’t know what to do to get him cleaned up lol.

To tell you the truth he is somewhat stiff, he can’t hold every pose you’d like him to, or would expect from other action figures; but that’s mostly the fault of the armor anyway. And yes, he is shorter than your average 12″ figure, but thats ok too.

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