Incoming – Medicom 12″ Wolverine (X-Men The Last Stand)

24 12 2006

After the disappointments in Medicom’s 12″ releases of the comic versions of Marvel superheroes, a 12″ Wolverine figure from the 3rd X-Men movie has been released. While the comic version’s Wolverine resembled bad pencils commonly found in different artists’ rendition of this berserker, this new movie version looked suspiciously good in the initial promo pics. And this has reached SWFToys!

I for one was rather wary about the seemingly fantastic Jack Hughman sculpt. I’m a collector disappointed one too many times by Medicom. Their Star Wars 12″ line had only the Darth Vader figure worthy of commanding its retail price. The others in that line fell short of the premium position Medicom intended for them. But credit does go to Medicom for spotting this niche at a time when the Star Wars 12″ line was diminishing. They had a good start but now have fallen behind with Sideshow demonstrating proof that they are capable of producing even better and to-scale 12″ figures. However, with this competition, the 12″ line has seen re-invigoration all of a sudden.

It is not Medicom’s strength in the area of facesculpt. Their Luke Skywalker figure hardly resembled Mark Hamill. It seemed more like any caucasian teen. Only Vader’s face was well done. Therefore, it is a pleasant surprise to see this movie Wolverine figure having a good resemblance of Hugh Jackman! It was the biggest push in my decision to get it. It also satisfied this Wolverine fan’s cry for a good 12″ figure for this colourful superhero.. at least for the moment! I would still want to own a Wolverine in his brown and black spandex.

It seems that the biggest difficulty for creating such a Wolverine figure is the headsculpt. The mask will be tricky. If it is a non-removable plastic mask, there will inevitably be a noticeable difference in costume material between the head and neck areas and the rest of the suit. Something like Medicom’s comic Wolverine. But at least give us a Jim Lee kind of sculpt! If the mask is made of some cloth material, I am not too sure if the definitions of Logan’s scowl will be clear. I believe it comes down to the will to make the effort to produce a masterpiece.

After all, Takara and Hot Toys had both produced commendable Batman figures… just that the suit is black and more oblivious to colour differences. Medicom’s Spiderman is pretty good too. So I will continue to believe that someone out there will be able to produce my dream Wolverine figure someday! For that matter, if any company can get that right, they can produce just about anything! Think Captain America & Hawkeye!

Check back in again for the review!




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