Musings – Giving Back to the Community

23 12 2006

I have also posted some of my non-toy related travel activities in Japan. It is my desire to keep this blog solely as a toy blog(and not a personal blog). But I realise that there is a need to help potential travellers with information to plan for a more complete itinerary for their trips. Something like a complete solution. Japan is the mecca of toys but you can’t shop for toys all through the day! There’s more to that country than toys. Some guys may need to plan non-toy related stuff to distract or appease their other half for the Toy Plan to be successful. I want to help to make the plan a success!

Toy related posts are marked as ‘pitstops’ in my TPP. So fellow toy fans may want to go directly to the pitstop posts first to read what really matters and check back on the other posts should you seriously be planning a trip there. Hope that helps.

I am also most grateful for the various resources I have found on the Internet that had helped in the planning my trip. So the information I will be posting is also my desire to contribute back to the toy community. I hope the next toy hunter will have an even more successful trip and uncover new toy havens in Japan!

I am still in the midst of sorting out my photos to backdate them. Trust me, there are some good stuff there. Here’s a hint: More info on Nakano Mandarake! It’s really a fantastic place for peepz like us! I wasn’t disappointed one bit! If only I had more budget and hand luggage!

I can’t wait to break my Hot Toys Superman out but I still have a backlog of reviews to clear! Ughh! 😛




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