Travel – Back From Tokyo Japan!

20 12 2006

SWFToys is back home! It’s been a long day since I was either travelling in a plane or rushing from one airport gate to another! Started the journey from Tokyo at 4am local time and reached home at 10.45pm! As such I am really beat and will start to do some updates on my trip tomorrow… that is if I don’t sleep through the day!

It seems that much has happened while I was away! For one, the homepage for WordPress has been upgraded. Knowing the WordPress guys, it should be an improvement with lots of useful features! Will explore it in the days ahead.

Another thing that has happened was the 3 consecutive days of heavy downpour in the days preceding my homecoming. Heard from the taxi driver and a friend that it resulted in a rare flood in several areas. Only understood the rarity of this occurence when I saw the news brief on TV! I can’t recall ever seeing a flood so serious locally.

Anyway, it was an extremely successful trip and I declare the Tokyo Toy Plan accomplished! Look forward to share the photos here and information on finding toys in Tokyo! I’m sure it will be helpful for those planning a similar trip there with the same secret agenda! 😛

Here’s a summary of what I got on this trip:

  • Hot Toys 12″ Superman
  • Marmit 12″ Boba Fett
  • 2 x 24 T-shirts
  • 24 CTU badge
  • 24 CTU crest collar pin
  • Miscellaneous cute collectibles

So until the next update, I am off to my beauty sleep on my comfortable bed! Damn, I hate sleeping on a plane!




8 responses

21 12 2006
shaun wong

Dude, happy that you managed to get the 12″ hot toys superman. Did you manage to see HT or Medicom Clark Kent there? Hope you didn’t have to pay a premium for HT Supes.

22 12 2006

Thanks shaun. I’m really excited abt HT Supes! The price is pretty good. Not the premium price ebay and yahoo auctions demand. It’s actually the retail price there as the Blister and Kotobukiya store have it at the exact same price. HT Clark was not sighted. Blister does have DC Direct’s Green Lantern! Pretty nice figure. Was tempted to start my Justice League for a moment!

23 12 2006

Looks like you’ve had a great time in Japan, hope I’ll have to oportunity to visit there one day.

To tell you the truth, reading this website has pushed me into getting back into collecting 12″ military figures. In the past week I got the Toy Soldier Marine Recon in Woodland MARPAT; I really like the quality of the figure and uniform/accessories, I do miss the old BBI metal weapons but hats a minor gripe. Overall I was very satisfied by Toy Soldier’s offering (plus it’s cheaper than HT), I just ordered a TS ACU Special Forces figure as well. I’m also waiting on a Medicom Storm trooper, I don’t mind the size difference, as I’ll be displaying it solo.

BTW was wondering if you saw this future Medicom RAH offering:

23 12 2006

Man! That is one poisonous link you provided! Yea, I had heard of Medicom’s Boba Fett in forums sometime back but i had forgotten all about it! It looks so delicious!

Hey, i saw the Medicom Clonetrooper and Shadowtrooper at Blister Japan. The clonetrooper is looking good! It seems taller than the stormtrooper so it should be true 1/6. The shadowtrooper looked cool but is exactly the same as the stormtrooper. It will take knowledge of the shadowtrooper’s story to make me get it.

Gab, good to know you enjoy this blog. Your attention to detail on those military weapons has also made me pay more attention to them. Is Toy Soldier more readily available than Hot Toys in Canada?

23 12 2006

Not really, my first one comes from Monkey Depot (great service btw), the second one will be arriving from Toys & Gear on Ebay, as it seems sold out from North American retailers. There are quite a few Hot Toys products, beyond what is offered by Sideshow, my biggest problem with it is price. Including the shipping the one I ordered from Toys and Gear would be 40$ cheaper than your average HT product. Most of the time all the HT or TS stuff is typically found online.

As for the Medicom, I think I’m gonna wait for Sideshow for Boba (hopefully), I’ve already ordered the Shadow and Storm troopers, they’ve put a big dent in my Visa, so I’m gonna wait for a cheaper alternative in Boba’s case. It’s unfortunate I don’t like clonetroopers, I’m sick of them after all of Hasbro’s 4″ repaints, I’m probably gonna stick to Original Triology and Expanded Universe………though I cant wait till I receive my Maul.

24 12 2006

Sounds like there aren’t a lot of 12″ retailers carrying Hot Toys at your side.

I’m thankful too that I’m not involved with those 4″ figures! The repaints are blatant collector milking tactics! But then, there are collectors who love them!

I’ve received my Darth Maul! I can use the extra hands for my custom Darth Maul! The Hasbro gloves are like oven mitts!

24 12 2006

So should we be expecting a Maul review soon ;)?

25 12 2006

Ha. I believe you will get your Darth Maul first before a review comes out here! I still have a few figures to examine!

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