Travel – Tokyo Toy Plan Pitstop 6: Yodobashi Akiba

18 12 2006


The next pitstop at Akihabara is Yodobashi Akiba which is on the other side of the Akihabara station. In fact, you can see the mall from the train platform. So no worries about missing this massive shopping mall. Yodobashi Akiba retails all sorts of goods from computer stuff, electronic goods and of course toys. In fact, they are very well stocked in each department. Very impressive selection. No wonder the tenants from the older part of the town are unhappy.


Of course my interest here is in toys and so Mrs SWFToys and I headed towards the lift to take us to the 6th floor(if I remember correctly). My first impression of the toys floor was that there are a lot of Gundam kits here. It’s unbelievable. It’s rows and stacks of kits here. If you are into Gundam stuff, this is probably one of the places you should stop by. And I suspect the prices here are better than say… Yamashiroya. Wasn’t able to take a sneak shot of the place without the notice of the shop assistants.

Toys apart from Gundam kits are more towards the masses.  However, there is a section for collector stuff. You can find Medicom 12″ Ultramen stuff, Star Wars stuff and replica guns in that section. While I was there, the PS3 launch is probably the hottest gaming news there. Console games for Xbox 360, PSP, Nintendo and other stuff is also on this floor.

If only I had ventured further into modelling stuff. Then this pitstop would have been more fruitful. Anyway, after buying some small items, we headed to the lower floors. Mrs SWFToys wanted to look for a flash drive. The place was too big to look for such a thumb size device. What a contrast! We had to look for assistance to locate the flash drive section.

After a few more minutes, we headed back to Kotobukiya for me to pick up my Hot Toys Superman! I must say that there is more to Akihabara with regards to toys. Unfortunately, I was not able to fully explore the location. Partly it was due to my lack of preparation on where to go and partly due to certain circumstances while I was there. I’ll probably list Akihabara as a potential re-visit location if I’m coming back to Tokyo again.

On to the next pitstop!




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