Travel – Tokyo Toy Plan Pitstop 7: Blister Direct at Shibuya

18 12 2006

With the purchase of the Hot Toys Superman in Akihabara, it seems that the trip to Blister Direct in Shibuya should be just about picking up my 24 t-shirts and stuff. I was still hopeful that I may get to see a 1/6 Jack Bauer Medicom figure in Blister’s shelves. And off we went on the JR Line to another of Japan’s fashion destination… Shibuya!

The Shibuya station was similar in one aspect to the Shinjuku station – they are both huge and disorientating for the visitor. I was lost the moment I stepped out from the nearest exit. Although I had done some reseach on the area in one of my pre-trip posts, my usually trusty internal compass was whirrling like a clock’s hand gone nuts. Thankfully, it was time for us to stop for lunch and it gave me some time to re-tune that ‘compass’ of mine.

With lunch warming in our stomachs, the group headed in the direction towards Blister Direct(although they did not know what to expect). We had to cross that iconic and huge cross junction in front of the Shibuya station. And of course, there was a sea of people. The Blister building is about a 10mins from Shibuya station. It’s exactly where the maps in my pre-trip posts had indicated. So my advice is to get your bearings right upon exit from the Shibuya station.

It was surreal to see the orange building housing Blister Direct. Once again, something from the pictures on the Internet is now in front of me. As I hastened my pace towards it, I noticed the beautifully unique Disney store building opposite it. One thing about Japan I liked was their unique architectural designs.

Entering the orange building, I could see the familiar faces of Master Yoda and Darth Vader welcoming me. Feels like home to me! The group then took a lift to the 2nd floor to start the visit. Blister in Shibuya occupies 3 floors(plus 1 basement floor) in this building.

2F is where the 1/6 figures are. Medicom stuff are aplenty here. In one display cabinet, I was pleasantly surprised with a Medicom Clonetrooper and Shadowtrooper on display. I thought the Clonetrooper looked pretty good and did not suffer from the ‘shorty’ syndrome the other Medicom figures had. This floor also has 24 accessories like the 24 shield, lanyard and dogtags. No t-shirts sighted though. Other stuff on this floor included Hot Toys, Predator stuff and Gentle Giant Star Wars statues. And… the Medicom Jack Bauer was not spotted.

1F had nothing that interest me and so I skipped it and headed to the basement. This floor is where the Marvel and DC superheroes are. There are busts, comics and other merchandise. Once again, Hot Toys Superman did not seem to be as extinct as potrayed back home as I spotted at least 4 boxes of it. I noted that the price was exactly similar to that in the Kotobukiya shop.

It was here that I spotted a 24 sweater… but no sign of the 24 t-shirt I was looking for! Upon enquiry, the Blister staff informed me that those 24 t-shirts were sold-out! Words could not describe the disappointment I felt. I was looking at the prospect of going home without any 24 stuff.

And so it was that Mrs SWFToys and I left Blister to continue our exploration of the rest of Shibuya. It was a bittersweet feeling.





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