Travel – Tokyo Toy Plan Pitstop 4: Kiddy Land At Harajuku

17 12 2006

And so it was after the morning’s visit to Asakusa, we headed to Japan’s renowned teen fashion street – Harajuku. After walking through the Harajuku street and some wandering in some smaller shopping streets, we spotted Kiddy Land. This is Pitstop 4 in my Tokyo Toy plan. Kiddy Land is a 6 floor toy shop selling toys for kids… and adults for all ages.

To get to Kiddy Land at Harajuku, you can alight at the Harajuku Station on the JR Line. Apparently, there is only 1 exit/entrance to this station so commuters will all start from the same spot before venturing into Harajuku streets. The exit from Harajuku station is found between the ‘B’ and ‘C’ markers in the map above. It’s the spot where you can see a T-juction with Fancl House opposite the street.

Upon exiting, you will find most of the crowd crossing the road at the T-junction and heading straight into the street directly ahead. I remembered it had a ‘Harajuku Street’ sign above it somewhere. I suspect that the street may have another name but because of it’s popularity with teen fashion, people have referred to it as Harajuku Street. Anyway, enjoy the shopping along this street. Remember to try the crepes with those sinful doses of whipped cream!

Right at the end of the street is a traffic junction. Cross it and turn right to walk along the main road. At the end of the road is the Gap store. Go straight across the cross junction and turn left. Kiddy Land is a few buildings away on the right side. It’s near the first overhead bridge you should be able to see ahead. You can’t miss it with that huge red ‘Kiddy Land’ sign. A red arrow shows the exact location in the map above.

Once there, of particular interest to me is 5F which has Star Wars products from Sideshow, Medicom, Hasbro, Kotobukiya and Master Replicas. Basically all possible vendor who has the Star Wars licence. Gundam, Ultraman, Kamen Riders and other modelling kits can be found here as well. I took the following pictures with my mobile phone. Good to see the release of Medicom Yoda while I was there!

Kiddy Land is worth a look if you are planning to visit Harajuku. Anyway, you can always shop for souvenirs in the other floors even if nothing in 5F interest you. However, I would still prefer Yamashiroya as the latter caters more to the geek crowd. Kiddy Land as its name indicates leans more to… er… kids. Real kids that is.





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