Travel – Tokyo Toy Plan Pitstop 3: Bandai Head Office

17 12 2006

This pitstop was more of a chance discovery. We were heading out to Asakusa by foot with a hand-drawn map from K’s House when I noticed a marking by the number ’24’ on it with the words ‘Bandai head quarter’. Immediately, my TTP radar went off and I quickly interpreted the map to see where the building was. To my pleasant surprise, it lay along the straight route which my group was travelling from Kuramae to Asakusa! I quickened my pace to the front of the group to scout out the first glimpses of the Bandai Head Office!

After some minutes of walking and taking in the sight of the streets, I saw from afar a familiar red and grey figure standing upright and with his hands to his waist. It’s Ultraman! I alerted the group and all cameras came out. As we were there way early on a Saturday morning, the building was not opened. It was a shame that I did not get to check out the interior or converse with any Bandai stuff to see if they have a gallery of some sort here.

However, we were treated to some Kodak moments with some of the famous characters out of Bandai! These statues were lined up along a side street next to the Bandai Head Office. Enjoy the pics!



Here are shots of the display shelves along the side of the building.








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