Musings – Japan Shopping Decisions Part 2

12 12 2006

Left with a day to my trip to Tokyo Japan, my targets are still very much the same. However, Hot Toy’s Superman seems to have climbed to the pole position ahead of Medicom’s Jack Bauer. So if it comes down to buying one 12″ figure, I guess the Man of Steel is going to make the trip with me back to the sunny island!

I’m aiming for these two figures because they are not available at a reasonable price locally. It will be tough selecting only one between the two. I’m a great fan of 24 having watched Seasons 1 to 4 twice. And I just started on Season 5 yesterday! This trip will be a short break before I am back to resume watching this Emmy-winning season! Shopping for 24 merchandise in Blister Tokyo is gradually a more exciting prospect! However, if finances become tight, I will have to drop my favourite CTU agent in favour of the Man of Steel.

I missed out on getting Hot Toys’ extremely popular Superman when it was released locally! Now, my Batman sorely misses his Justice League comrade. I had considered DC Direct and Medicom Superman releases as replacement but I just could not bring myself to get them. The one I missed out is still the best bet! There is no doubt that Superman is one iconic figure you would want to display among your collection!

There is not much change to my Tokyo Toy Plan(TTP) at the moment. Priority locations are Blister and then Mandarake at Nakano Broadway! Akihabara and other locations would then follow.

My companions and I had planned the itinerary in greater detail last Sunday. I have succeeded in slipping in my preferred locations into the group’s plans! 😛 I would prefer to buy the 12″ figures at the later half of the trip so that I would not run out of cash too early. Japan is a place where there are plenty of special, cute and interesting things to buy, you know!

Well, till I am back home to report on the outcome of my TPP, this is SWFToys signing off!




One response

12 12 2006
Shaun Wong

all the best on your trip man, really hope you get the chance to own this awesome figure. Though I really don’t see why its gotta be a toss up between Jack and Supes. You’re in Japan, SPEND!

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