Travel – Finding Volks In Japan

8 12 2006

In my search of toy stores in Tokyo for my up-coming trip, I have chanced upon the line of dolls from Volks Japan. They carry the popular Super Dollfie (or SD) dolls. Initially, I thought the SD meant ‘Super Deformed’. 8p Anyway, these guys are serious about their dolls and the quality is pretty high-end! I noticed that the dolls are more anime-like with those big eyes. Volks’ dolls are customisable to take on the likeness of anyone the buyer wants. With customisation comes the accessories and it’s amazing what accessories are offered!

There are wigs, clothes, furniture, glass eyeballs, hands, feet, underwear, eyelashes and shoes! The list goes on! Those wigs looked really beautiful on the dolls. The clothes are well-tailored and would put most of my Hasbro 12″ figures to shame! I wonder how the glass eyeballs are fitted in!

However, I am not really into Volks dolls. Too girlie for me. But maybe it can be considered a gift for wives. You could customise it to resemble her… well… maybe the wide-eyed version! 8p But should anyone be interested to find out how to locate the Volks stores and showrooms, I have listed some helpful links below.

List of Volks stores & showrooms

Detailed guide to find Volks – good directions from Cassiel Kelner




4 responses

17 05 2007

Hi; i was wondering if ya still remember the price for the SD? Cus my frd will be gg to tokyo this june and if it’s not very costly i might ask her to help me get one! hehe thanks!

17 05 2007

Hi gens, sorry I did not track down any Volks’ dolls while I was in Tokyo. Maybe you can get a gauge of the prices from their website.

11 03 2008

I’m collecting some pretty pictures. but this picture of useful

-thank you-

5 01 2009

You must understand that Volks is only one producer of the very popular Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) and that BJDs are not just toys. Volks ranges from about $200 to $1500 for the blank doll alone, depending on the size and rarity of the sculpt. When you buy a BJD, you’re not just buying a doll–You’re buying a lifestyle. There is a whole world that comes along with these beautiful dolls, and it is as individual as the dolls themselves. If you want to learn more about the hobby of BJD collecting, Den of Angels is a good place to start.

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