Customise – Hot Toys Nude Body (True Type 38 Figure)

7 12 2006

Recently, I got hold of Hot Toy’s new nude body called the True Type 38 Figure. I had the intention of starting some customising work on those Hasbro 12″ Star Wars figures I have. The ultimate aim was to move those 12″ figures still kept in the boxes in my study to my display cabinet. This will lead to making Mrs SWFToys happy as she aims to achieve the complete elimination of cardboard boxes in the room!

Anyway, the 38 in the name of this nude figure is meant to indicate the number of articulation points on the body. To quote Hot Toy’s words on the packaging, there are ‘over 38 points of articulation’. It will be a dream to be able swap out all the Hasbro bodies and replace them with more posable alternatives. Besides, I am curious how the Hasbro body looks like!

Hot Toys collectors would find the facesculpt for this nude figure to be familiar. It actually belongs to the GIGN Operator released not too long ago. I was not too impressed when I saw this deathly white pale face on the GIGN Operator then. But now, this face looks rather suitable for a Coruscant Guard or an Elven warrior from The Lord of the Rings!

Here, we see the extent of articulation for the body’s neck. This True Type 38 figure does not seem capable of bowing its head to see its feet when upright. The articulation of the neck when bowed forward is rather limited. But he looked capable of looking forward in a prone position.

The photos above show the extent of articulation for the body’s shoulder.

Arms articulation.

Leg Articulation.

Torso articulation.




4 responses

26 12 2006

hi: i wait for this figure; they are very amazing and of a good qualit for plastic; the shoulder articulation semms look like medicom’s, wich are very breakable. But i tough the pin of neck would been as the one show on Hot Toys web site, for fit on BBI head, instead i find a sfere inside head, wich, in add, doesen’t move much more than a litle and not as the BBI head.

7 08 2008

mhh…nice articulation

17 10 2008

I have taken to my hand recently one of those action figures the asian relaunch be eksact! and i have customized it whith some clothes from my other action figures.The thing is that this kind of action figures are shown they real potential when they are drest up whith some clothes,the true type figures have the most amazing male body type i have ever seen in a male action figure.And whith the clothes it realy look like allmost human if you look them up for a small distance.I wonder if hot toys ever release a female nude body for customizations.

15 04 2009
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