Incoming – Sideshow 12″ Aragorn (Strider The Ranger)

5 12 2006


Sideshow’s Aragorn (Strider the Ranger) has arrived at SWFToys! And it is the exclusive version! That means there’s the additional ranger’s cloak and Strider’s smoking pipe! The rest is pretty much the same as the standard version. The arrival of Aragorn is the first of 4 announced figures from Sideshow’s The Lord of the Rings 12″ line! The fact that Sideshow has included the words ‘Aragorn as Strider the Ranger’ seems to suggest that there may be another Aragorn figure somewhere down the line. Maybe an ‘Aragorn as King of Gondor’ figure? Sideshow, hear us!


Aragorn is probably my favourite character in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Therefore, it was with great joy to receive the 12″ figure. There is no one more loyal, more skilful and more passionate than this descendent of the Numenor! Even the heart of the elf lord Legolas faint at the hordes of Isengaard but the heart of this king will never bow to the fear of evil.

I am still rather shocked at his fearlessness at Amon Hen when he ordered Frodo to flee as the Uruk Hai army approached. He just walked straight at them – one man. And he dispatched many and eventually Lurtz fell to him as well. Though a man of few words, he exuded such admirable influence that even the proud Boromir submited to his kingship willingly with his dying breath. If the darkness of Mordor was seen in the desolation at that time, Aragorn was the glimmer of light in the dark – a hint at the potential strength of man.

Anyway, promo pics of this 12″ figure had showed that the Aragorn facesculpt was rather off. I believe the actual figure at shipment would have the same sculpt. Sometimes I wish that the sculpt can be as good as that for those premium format statues from Sideshow. Premium format statues have the best sculpt in my opinion… and they are produced in just as much quantity.

Let’s hope they improve on the sculpt if a Aragorn as King of Gondor is to be released!






2 responses

12 12 2006
Shaun Wong

congrats on getting the exclusive version, from ST? Holding back on this fig cos I’m quite put off by his crossed eyes

31 12 2006
Review - Sideshow 12″ Aragorn As Strider The Ranger (Exclusive Version) « SWFTOYS - Reviews, Showcase and Musings

[…] Sideshow improves on their packaging since their Star Wars 12″ line by introducing a die-cut flap for Aragorn’s box. Good box art. Very collector friendly. You would only need to slit several adhesive tapes that hold the plastic trays together. The exclusive version’s box is the same as the standard version. The difference is an ‘exclusive’ sticker pasted on it. See more of the packaging here! […]

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