Musings – Something About This F-14 Aviator Is Not Right

2 12 2006

While preparing my review of the Hot Toys F-14 Aviator, I noticed something seemed wrong when I was fixing the oxygen mask onto the helmet. After a minute of inspection and cross checking with the Hot Toys website, the anomaly was confirmed.

But before I say what it is in the following paragraphs, can you spot it from the pic above?

Well, if you had noticed that the silver coloured part for securing the oxygen mask to the helmet on the right of the pic looks off, you are right. It turned out that my F-14 Aviator’s oxygen mask had two similar pieces of that silver part. To be exact, they were two similar pieces for that right silver part.

I called up the local store and they agreed to give me an exchange of that part with the display piece in their shop. It’s ok with me. At least it is better to live with this anomaly. It really looked weird when both silver parts were secured onto the helmet. Due to the mis-orientation, part of the pilot’s left cheek could be seen.

Should be getting that exchange tomorrow. Hear the results in the Aviator’s review!




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