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1 12 2006

Wolverine Origin

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Once deemed the greatest mystery at Marvel and the one place no one would dared venture into, the origins of Wolverine has finally been documented in a comic. Marvel’s Wolverine Origin tells the story of our favourite clawed X-Men from the time of his birth and sheds some light on the nature of his mutant abilities.

Well, before this comic was released, everyone was still think that Wolverine’s claws were solid adamantium fused into his body during Weapon X. It has now been revealed in this comic… and the cover that Wolverine’s claws originated as bones that could be extended from his hands since he was a kid.

I remembered reading through this in one night. It was a fascinating read for a long time fan of Wolverine. I’ve never seen Wolverine as a kid before. Only knew he was Canadian, involved in Weapon X and started out as an agent of the government there. No real knowledge of his life prior to Weapon X. Speaking of Weapon X, I am most glad I picked up Wolverine’s Weapon X trade after watching X2 years earlier. I had not seen that trade on local comic stores’ shelves for sometime!

A famous alias that Wolverine went by was ‘Logan’. Initially, fans thought they finally knew the real name of this X-Men. Now, it has been revealed how he came to adopt the name ‘Logan’. And the story weaved with this is pretty interesting. Seems that our berserker started out as a timid kid. There wasn’t a tinge of character roughness to make you suspect that he will one day be a cigar-puffing and fearless fighter.

It was then the circumstances depicted in Wolverine Origin that help the reader see the transformation of this boy into a man and the hint of the change into a weapon. As I was reading, I mused at how easily it was to associate Wolverine with wolves although a wolverine belonged to the weasel family. I guess the aura of wolves would work better in the area of coolness than otters and weasels.

If you are picking this up, make sure you get the right TPB. There’s another trade called Wolverine Origins which is something else. Make sure you get Wolverine Origin – without the ‘s’.




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