Travel – Get Me The Location Of Nakano Broadway!

30 11 2006

With the location of Blister zeroed in my sights, next to be uncovered is Nakano Broadway in … Nakano! If Akihabara is the capital of Otaku performance, Nakano Broadway is the place for Otaku shopping! My kind of place! It is here, I believe on the 2nd floor, where one of the biggest toy retailers Mandarake is located. Let’s do some homework here to ease my finding it should I be able to go there during my Japan trip in December!

First up, some useful facts. The subway station to alight is JR Nakano Railway Station. Apparently, it has 2 rail lines running through it – Soubu-Chuou and Tozai. So we are expecting multiple platforms and a notch up in complexity when navigating within the subway. Seems that the north exit is where I’ll need to head to. I hope they have the word ‘North’ in the signs there!

Upon exiting, there will be a ‘covered shopping street’. I am to head through this street and Nakano Broadway should appear at the end of it. Sounds simple! So be it!

Here are some write-up on Nakano Broadway that I found on the Internet:

By Ali – Day12 Nakano Broadway

By Ramblings of DarkMirage – Day 7 Nakano Broadway (Very good directions)

By Quibx – Saturday in Japan




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1 12 2006

Nakano broadway is easy to find. Get yourself to Nakano station, and take the exit that has the Mandarake poster on it. Go to the right and you will see she shopping center. Go all the way down until you get to a big indooor mall. STOP. on the left is a small toy store called Modu-Q-Te. After that, enter the store and go upstairs. Grap a map from the Mandarake there, in english, that shows you where all the stores are.

You may be interested in this:

and this:

2 12 2006

Thank you for the additional information!

5 04 2007
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