Travel – Get Me The Location Of Blister Japan!

29 11 2006

So I’ve confirmed one of the locations I will visit for my covert toy hunt in Tokyo Japan! And it is none other than Blister in Shibuya! From their website, I was able to pull some pics of the location of the store as well as some reference pics of their store front! So the map they had provided over their website is not the most detailed. It’s basic but sufficient for locating with my internal compass with all that street names provided. Now let’s find out where this location is with respect to the Shibuya Subway!

I found 2 more maps over the Internet and I’ve marked out the probable location of Blister on them! Exit from the subway should be via the north exit. Looks like a 2 to 3 blocks walk from the subway. But no fear, there seems to be several interesting shops that will be more than enough to distract my fellow companions as I lure them to Blissssteeeeerrrr!

Now, I’ll just have to decide which is the best day to visit it!




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