Musings – Japan Shopping Decisions Part 1

28 11 2006

Upon confirmation of my air tickets for my upcoming trip to Tokyo, I began the search on the Internet for favorable places to hunt down toys. It was reminiscent of my trip to Hong Kong last year. Homework done prior to the trip saved a lot of time scouting around. For Tokyo, I wanted to do the same.

I will be going on this trip with a group of four including Mrs SWFToys. Unfortunately as usual, none of them are toy collectors. So I will have to subtly slip in my agenda into the group’s plans. It is within the awe-inspiring enclaves of my study(where my toys reside) that I began conceiving my Tokyo Toy Plan(TTP)!

Initial findings on the Internet turned up Akihabara and Nakano as two possible districts where toys congregate. Akihabara seems to have several toy stores along a main street. I suspect that most of these shops would carry more anime related stuff.

Nakano has a shopping mall called Nakano Broadway which seems a better prospect of landing my kind of toys. At least the biggest Mandrake store should be there.

But the must-visit store for me right now has to be Blister Japan. It’s in Shibuya. I have yet to nail down the exact directions but it should be pretty near to the Shibuya subway station. What I like about Blister is that they are confirmed to carry Star Wars, 24 and Hot Toys!

24 related stuff are nearly unheard of in stores here. I’m looking to pick up at least a t-shirt and a CTU ID! 12″ targets at the moment are Medicom Jack Bauer and Hot Toys Superman! It’ll be a tough decision should it come down to choosing only one of them! Anyway, buying both will almost surely be a logistics challenge!

So much for now. More specifics in the days to come!




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