Incoming – Hot Toys 12″ First Blood Rambo

27 11 2006

I had missed out on Hot Toy’s earlier Rambo First Blood Part III figure. I regreted not getting that when it was still available in the local store. Sometimes you make a decision not to overspend only to be unable to buy a particular figure when you are ready. The availability of figures sure does not wait for the collector’s wallet.

Then came the Halo Rambo. Although it had the same sculpt, it did not appealed to be because it had nothing to do with the movie. It seemed more of a factory kitbash and sculpt-milking figure. No regrets not getting this!

So it was with a little joy that Hot Toys announced the release of the Rambo First Blood figure. The promo pics was not as tantalising as those for Part III. Somehow, I found the sculpt of the First Blood Rambo to take on a middle-eastern descent which was not accurate. It had dropped off from my radar until I scrutinise the promo pics again.

One thing was for sure, Part III Rambo was still my favourite. I love his bow and arrow. Who could have forgotten the scene where Rambo fired that explosive-tipped arrow at that Russian gunship?

First Blood Rambo’s sculpt does look ok from the side. Wasn’t as bad as I had thought to be. And it comes with the Jungle King – something of interest to me back when I was a teenager. Gradually, I started accumulating those good points for getting this figure.

And my radar beeped again.




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