Comics – Reading Stormwatch Again!

26 11 2006

My recent purchase of 12 Stormwatch comics saw my reunion with one of my favourite superhero team comics. It was surreal to hold them in my arms again after so long… more than a decade to be exact. I used to own them until… the Incident.

I remember buying these comics from a particular comic store that was rather far from my home. That location remains till today without any subway access. Back then, I would commute faithfully to buy comics with what I have saved for the month. If there was a new issue for Stormwatch available, it was almost sure to be on my shopping list.

Stormwatch was one of the pioneer issues with the formation of Image Comics. Although there were other superhero team comics such as WILDCats, Youngblood and Cyberforce, none of them were as great a pleasure to read as Stormwatch. Right now, I can only remember that the attraction was largely due to the characters in Stormwatch and then its story.


As I was going through these 12 comics, I remembered the cover of Issue 5. I remember that dark blue and white guy on the cover but I cannot remember his name. However, I could almost be certain he was one of those characters I enjoyed in Stormwatch!

The funny thing is that my purchase came with 2 issues of issue 1 and 6! I’m missing 9, 10 & 11. So if the story of issue 8 is compelling, I might go hunt for these missing issues! It’s a shame that these first issues of Stormwatch are not available in a TPB. I’ve been buying TPBs so far and have not picked up a single so far. So it was with amazement that I held up one of these single issues and marvel at how thin they are! Looks like I had forgotten about their lack of thickness!

And I forgot to mention that Jim Lee pencilled much of these issues! Can’t wait to dig them!




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