Review – Hot Toys 1/6 Scale ED-209

24 11 2006


There is a connection between ED-209 and Star Wars. Similarities of an AT-ST and ED-209? Not quite. It’s an animator by the name of Phil Tippett. Phil Tippett is the award-winning animator who brought ED-209 to life in the Robocop movies. Prior to Robocop, he was also the brainchild behind the animation for the AT-ATs and Tauntauns in Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. Tippett would go on to lead the animation team for Episode VI – Return of the Jedi which he won his first Oscar for Special Achievement in Visual Effects in 1984. Herein, is the Star Wars connection.



ED-209 is a contraction for Enforcement Droid Series 209. It was created for the purpose of lending law enforcement agencies much needed firepower to overwhelm the criminals of Detroit City. Unfortunately, that firepower was often misdirected. ED-209 blasted everyone except criminals! Despite its blunders in the movie, this behemoth of a machine somehow had the extraordinary attention of fans. With its movie debut coming to two decades now, ED-209 never shed that ‘cool’ tag.

I for one am a fan of ED-209 since I first saw its unveiling in 1987’s Robocop. The design of ED-209 exuded a no-nonsense, tough as nails aura that was visually communicated. This biped is supported by massive feet reminscient of a T-Rex. Armaments on both arms include a total of 3 20mm machine guns and a rocket launcher. Impressive arsenal to bring order to a crime infested city!

All this awe of the macho-ness of this machine is brought to a stop when Mrs SWFToys remarked that ‘it looked so cuuuuuttteee!’. Errrmm….. ok….


The reasons for not getting Hot Toys’ ED-209 are:

  • You do not collect the movie line from Hot Toys;
  • You are not a fan of Robocop;
  • You have run out of shelve space;
  • You feel it is not priced competitively;
  • You find it ugly… or cute;

Other than these reasons, I do not see why one would miss out on this excellent rendition of ED-209 from those Robocop movies!

What’s good:

  • Good packaging – comes with a handle for easy carrying.
  • Ease of assembly.
  • Accurate scale.
  • Stable figure!
  • Great details and proportions.

What could be better:

  • Black rubbery material used for ED-209’s head is a concern.
  • Stress on leg joints to support the body is a concern.
  • 4-toe feet do not have articulation. (may not be a bad thing)

Review Details


Nice packaging from Hot Toys for ED-209. Due to its size, the box comes with a plastic handle at the top for ease of carrying by the drooling buyer! It does look like a DVD plaver box from afar.



ED-209 comes in 5 parts. The main body, a pair of arms and a pair of feet. All parts are packed securely into their respective styrofoam compartments. The Ed-209 guide(piece of paper) is printed one-sided so there is no need to remove it from it’s plastic sleeve. I guess the little information on the guide points to the ease of assembling ED-209.


Take special care before assembling the arms to study the right orientation from the guide. You do not want to try removing the arms once they are fixed because you got it wrong. Basically, the most protruding guns should be on top. Or the vent on its arms should be on top.



There isn’t any headsculpt for ED-209 since it does not really have a face. It is more of proportions and resemblance to the life-size version animated in the movies. I would say that the resemblance is dead-on. Nothing about the design or proportions of Hot Toy’s ED-209 looks uncomfortable. It is really beautiful and a real treat for fans!

Unfortunately at the point of this review, I do not have any Robocop DVDs to do a more detailed mapping to the screen version. Will do that in the future. For the moment, no one will construe this behemoth on your shelve as an overweight AT-ST.

Quality of Product

Producing ED-209 has actually raised the profile and credibility of Hot Toys in design 1/6 figures. Besides looking accurate, it is highly detailed as well. The exposed twisting wires on its right arm are similar to that seen in the movie. There are panel lines, weathering around the nut sockets. Parts that involve hydraulics do look like they are actually movable. Ammunition magazines on its arm look removable for re-arming. There are tons of details on this snap fit kit. Very well implemented in the final product!

This kit is massive and stands at approximately 14″. It was standing at the same height as my Hot Toys Predators. I had to clear a considerable amount of space to fit this guy in. But ED-209 is a magnificient sight to behold!

ED-209’s bodywork is largely plastic with a matte shade of bluish-greenish paint applied over it. An exception to the plastic material is the head or eyes of ED-209. This black area is done using a rubbery material that is excellent wrapped to give the smooth shape. As usual, rubber is a concern in certain climates so the collector has to take good care of it. However, this choice of material is not necessarily a flaw as it is implemented very well on this kit.

The legs of ED-209 are really impressive. Not only are they huge but they look really heavy duty. Each foot is comprised of 4 toes. At the moment, I was not able to find any ankle articulation. This is a mystery as the feet are angled at different degrees and gave the impression that they are movable. However, the lack of articulation could be necessary to support the heavy body.

All that upper body weight is supported by legs structured to that similar to birds. The ‘knees’ are backward facing. Although they look really great for their unique design, I was a bit concern if the joints from the thighs could sustain that weight over time. See the first pic in the Packaging section above. The immediate area connected to the joints is a rather small area and it does not include the clasps of those hydraulics. Those clasps are not flat with the small area connected to the joint. As such, once fitted onto the legs, I suspect the weight will fall on largely on the joint. Let’s hope there is steel underneath!

Paintwork on this kit is really good. There is no doubt which areas are meant to be chrome and which areas are meant to be armour to sustain gunfire. All these fantastic plus points add up to a really good-looking figure.


With feet as massive as ED-209, there is no issue with stability. It is rock solid in this department. The body and legs can be easily articulated to attain a stable pose of your choice.





Since there are no accessories in this package, I will describe the articulation of ED-209. The bottomline here is that the articulation sufficiently caters to allow you to pose ED-209 in every cool poses. Read cool poses ok? The upper body is able to swivel horizontally with the limits being the arms touching the legs.

The articulation between the torso and the thighs allow the usual vertical swing as well as lateral movement similar to Hot Toy’s Robocop and Alien Warrior. This lateral articulation allow the legs to form the realistic ‘V’ between them.

The articulation between the thighs and the legs cater to adjustments that allow the feet to rest flatly on the surface. All joints are tight by the way.


Hot Toy’s ED-209 is an absolute beauty. I am still reeling from the awe of owning one unit! I will probably take it out this weekend to examine it up close again. For those of us who saw the Robocop movies from the late eighties to the early nineties, this kit is godsend. Honestly, I have yet to find substantial flaws in ED-209 to recommend the consideration to bypass it.

Go get it!




8 responses

18 09 2007

Not sure whether i would want to own this piece of machine. It’s huge and takes up a lot of space to display. No matter how you pose it, it will still look dead to me. It’s no different from a car or a tank or a piece of machine that don’t look lively. It will form a good prop for the other 12″ figures to post with and nothing more to me. Maybe other categories of collectors may fancy it.

18 09 2007

Hi Ian,
Yes, it takes up too much space. Probably only for its fans from the Robocop movies.

19 09 2007

I’m sorry – I own this bad boy and its worth every inch of space it takes up – yes its a hulk of a piece, but adds something different to your collection.

19 09 2007

Hi Mo,
Don’t be sorry. I own this fella too and loving it. But then, it’s the space of 4 12″ figs and when space is a crunch, I plan to move him to standalone display away from the shelves. Now his arms are mm away from my HT Robocop. Ha.

28 10 2007

One of my favorite pieces. Fortunately I have the room for it.

13 01 2008

I want one of these SO bad an i cant find one anywhere other than on ebay where its like $600…Could anyone help me out here?

22 04 2008

The battle damaged ver. of ED209 is available at 8514 yen or USD85 (April 08) from hobby link japan … excluding shipping… btw ED209 could do well/better with more movable parts.. vents/actual missile fire action/voice/sound/led lights

14 08 2009

I Want this ED 209 model but I can’t find it anywhere, except on Ebay but only the battle damaged version and really expensive… Anybody knows where to buy it other than ebay?

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