Incoming – Hot Toys 12″ F/A-18 Hornet Aviator

23 11 2006

The month of November has been really hot! I have gone over my ED-209 so expect a review soon. Next to be opened should be the F-14 Tomcat Aviator! Before I get to do that, his partner, the F/A-18 Hornet Aviator is in as well! Gotta find time this weekend for these guys!

Looking just as hot as the F-14 Tomcat Aviator, this Hornet pilot takes after Val Kilmer’s role as Lt Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazanski. From the box art, the sculpt is looking really amazing! The quality sculpt of both Aviators have definitely upped HotToy’s status as a 1/6 producer a notch! Simply amazing and beautiful they are coming up with! And they are a company out of Asia!

I am still undecided on how to display them. Do I put their helmets on with the visor down or reveal their wonderful sculpts with the helmet in their hands? Aw, it’ll be a tough decision when the time comes! Or maybe I should get another set? Nuts.

Can’t wait to get a close up shot of their faces and post it here!




5 responses

24 11 2006

Visor down is Badass!

lol, how come no Air Force guys around, Navy all the way eh?

25 11 2006

It seems that HT lump both navy and airforce pilots under ‘air force’. There are speculations that they will continue this line soon. Good news for those who missed out on their earlier releases!

25 11 2006

Is there any e-store you’d recommend who can supply asian toys within North America?

28 11 2006

I’ve done some looking around. Can’t say i can recommend any except Sideshow Collectibles. They do carry Hot Toys and Medicom stuff. I’ve not come across any others that I can be sure of their reliabiity.


23 10 2009

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