Musings – That Heartbreak Feeling

21 11 2006

Shortly after the publishing of my latest review on Sideshow’s Captain America Archive Set, I dropped the Captain America shield onto the leg of my workbench. How did that happen? Well, I was trying to get it out from my cabinet again to inspect it to see if I had missed out anything in the review. The Archive Set’s loft was a little inaccessible so I stupidly lifted the entire thing by its base single-handedly. It was after I cleared the glass shelve of my cabinet that I saw to my horror, the shield rolled out of the clasps of the base!

It went hurtling straight down and slammed into the wooden base of the leg of my workbench. Had Captain America been there, he would have been proud of the good work his shield did to put a neat dent onto my workbench’s leg! The shield subsequently hit the floor leaving two red skid marks before its damaging journey came to a halt.

With the pieces of my broken heart still frozen in mid-air, I surveyed the damage on the shield. No broken pieces. It was still in one piece. Was it really made of vibranium and steel? Absolutely not because I spied a nasty dent on an edge of the shield. I heard the pieces of my heart clattered onto my organs within me. A certain amount of shock was still enroute to my brain as my gaping mouth somehow worded ‘Shit’.

Then it hit me and I said, “Shit”. I noticed the broken flecks of red paint on the floor and one more mild expletive came out. I was truly saddened. It took only a few seconds to damage a work of art. It was so quick that I could still feel like going back in time to when I collected the keys to my cabinet a few minutes before. How I wished I was back then. Why did I not take the shield out first? WHY!!!!??? Stoopid me.

I picked up the shield and was glad that there were no other damage to it except three of its edges. Two of which were mild with paint cracks. The main damage was that contact with the workbench. The impact had twisted the edge inwards with a chunk of the red paint broken off. ” So the shield is made of malleable material”, I mused. “Thankfully soft metal hit soft wood” was the only comfort I could think of.

So how can I repair it? That was my next thought. I could try to hammer it back like a blacksmith. What about the paint? I would probably have to strip off the entire red paint on the outermost concentric circle and respray it. I hope to get that shade of red right!

This sure feels like Captain America Disassembled.




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