Incoming – Hot Toys 12″ F-14 Tomcat Aviator

18 11 2006

It’s looking to be a hot week at SWFToys as several high profile figures have landed onto my lap! Hot behind the heels of Hot Toy’s ED-209 is the F-14 Tomcat Aviator! From the pictures on the box, it is unmistakable that this figure takes after Tom Cruise’s character, LT Pete Mitchell, from the eighties movie, Top Gun. That movie, mind you, was an Oscar award winning movie. Although the accolades were lavished mainly in the area of sound, the aerial dogfights were equally superb! Put together, you get that audio and visual blast as an audience!

Promo pics released by Hot Toys really took my breathe away! The F-14 Tomcat Aviator’s sculpt was probably the best Tom Cruise sculpt I had ever seen! It even eclipsed custom sculpts seen on auction sites! You will have no doubt that you will get a Tom Cruise in that box!

Being a late collector of Hot Toy’s stuff naturally meant that I had missed out on the earlier pilot series. Besides my fascination with the standard kevlar helmet, I guess the pilot helmet would be the next item of interest for me ahead of the special forces series. Now you get to have that familiar Maverick-styled fighter pilot helmet which is a bonus! The introduction of the Aviator series is no doubt a huge welcome for me!

My initial inspection of some of the accessories from behind that clear plastic reminded of my experience with my SWAT v3.0 figures. Be careful when stretching ‘wires’! They are not as elastic as the real thing! With that mental note, I ask myself,”So when will it be out of the box?”.

Hmm… after ED-209… oh I can’t wait!




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3 12 2006
Review - Hot Toys 12″ F-14 Tomcat Aviator « SWFTOYS - Reviews, Showcase and Musings

[…] This is one area Hot Toys has really showed quality consistency in its 12″ releases. Collector friendly packaging has become synonymous with the Hot Toys brand. Simplicity and a dash of human touch goes a long way in this department! Good packaging indeed! […]

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