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16 11 2006

While I was collecting ED-209 from the local store the other day, I managed to chat with 2 of the guys at the store. The guy attending to me (let’s call him K) was a fellow 12″ collector. Unlike me, his specialisation is in military figures only.

As I spoke with K, I could identify with the enthusiasm he exuded as he talked about the hobby he has and the possible figures to be released. Speaking with someone who shares the same passion as you gives the feeling of finally finding someone who understands the captivating power of these 12″ figures! It was fun.

When we were on the subject of figures Hot Toys would be releasing in the next month or so, I was reminded that I had wanted to cancel my pre-order on the up-coming SOCOM SEAL figure.

I had wanted to stick to figures I love – those that means something to me other than just their beauty. For example, I picked up Hot Toy’s SWAT v3.0 figures because the appeal of kevlar helmets from watching CTU field teams in 24 got to me. I have a CG Harley biker figure on a fiery red Ducati bike because I am a biker. The movie related figures point to my love for the movies.

As such, the SOCOM SEAL did not generate enough meaning for me to get it. I love movies that depict special forces but I want to be able to identify these units in specific movies. There are so many special forces figures spanning different countries. I want to be able to tag more identity to them before I open the door to military figures! Otherwise, it will be another wild chase for any new military figures released. And I cannot afford that!

Anyway, as I was informing K of my intention to cancel my pre-order for the SOCOM SEAL, in came another guy(we shall call him U… for unknown 😛 ). This young chap seems to be the boss of the shop. Upon hearing of my cancelation intention, he said that in all his 3 -4 years of selling 12″ figures, he had never bought a single figure.

That statement made me think to myself,”Huh? How does this guy resist the temptation? Not even 1 out of the many that graced his shopfront?”.

“However, seeing how well made the SOCOM SEAL was did make me want to get my first 12″ figure. For once, I was tempted to get into this hobby! You should get it. It’s a really nice piece!”, U remarked.

“And there are a limited number for this piece.”, K chipped in.

“And it has a Beckham sculpt that has camo on it. Never done before. You should see the promo pics again. You should get it since you have made it into the pre-order list!”, K added.

I retracted my cancellation. I mused to myself that K and U are the different sides to this hobby. K is a fellow collector like myself – captivated by cool toys and willing to spend our dough on them. U on the other hand is the businessman. The fact that he has passed over so many cool figures when he has the priority to getting a piece everytime before his customers show his little inclination towards this hobby. He is strictly the businessman.

While K and I fret over our budget everytime a new figure is released, U laughs all the way to the bank. He is the winning businessman who is outside the buy-and-buy cycle of the hobby. If he can continue to stay the course, I am sure his interest is making money!

But then, everyone has a hobby. I wonder what is his…




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16 11 2006

I was thinking of pre-ordering it too, but something just didn’t seem right about the M-16 sub-carbine he’s carrying. I’m a real stickler to detail when it comes to weapon detail on the military 12″ lines and in my opinion the BBi and Dragon figures always come on top in that regard. That being said, I can’t deny the level of detail on the guy himself, especially his rucksack and the “cloth” gloves.

17 11 2006

Hi Gab, what didn’t seem right with the M-16? Inaccurate details? The cloth gloves point to bendy fingers instead of the sculpted hands. They look realistic but they look like fries sprouting from the hands when the fingers do not fit snugly into the gloves! I hope this will be better.

17 11 2006

Well, to tell you the truth it’s just little nitpicking but here goes:

From the looks of it, it’s a Colt M933.

My biggest issues are the fact that the front sight post assembly is oversized and so is the bayonet lug right under that (which is not even shaped like the original). Second issue is the actual choice of the weapon, while the modified MP5N looks like standard current SOCOM hardware, the M933 isn’t; current SEALs are known to use the MK-18 CQBR.

Plus why is the guy carrying 2 short barreled CQB weapons? Shouldn’t he have something like a modified M4 (the one with a 14.5″ barrel) or an M14 DMR or maybe a light MG like the M60e3/4 or MK46/8?

I know it’s stupid, but little things like that put me off buying 12″ military figures.

20 11 2006

Well, I must say that it is not stupid on your part. You just want your 12″ to be look damn real life down to the details. Now that you’ve highlighted those issues above, a real SEAL who happens to see the SOCOM will probably ask the same questions as you! You are plugged into the science of special forces equipment!

Dude, so which military figures have you bought?

21 11 2006

Well, I’ve stuck with BBI all these years, I’m pretty satisfied with them, though I think Dragon’s newer WWII figures are top-notch. Unfortunately my collection is in a whole other time-zone (I used to live in Lebanon, I’m currently residing in Montreal). I used to have:

The older SEAL Team 8 “Shark”
The Marine Recon “Sniper”
The Delta “Striker”
The newer Navy SEAL “Desert Operations”
Terminate Scar (this guy came with an MK-18 CQBR, so I equipped the older SEAL with it (just like in real life where the MP-5 is gradually being replaced my M-4 variations, lol)

While the head sculpts aren’t that great, the uniform and weapons accuracy is nice. Since “moving” to Canada 4 months ago, the plethora of Star Wars collectibles (apart from the movies there wasnt much SW murchandise to be found in Lebanon) has caught my eye in particular the 12″ Sideshow (I ordered 2 Rebel Endor soldiers).

21 11 2006

I agree that the BBI’s sculpt has some way to go. There are alot in Hong Kong. You should pop by there is you are planning a vacation in asia.

Sideshow’s entry into the 12″ line is godsend. They are better than medicom and their stuff are priced attractively! It’s a good time to collect SW 12″! Prior to them coming on the scene, the SW 12″ line was fading.

Hey, does BBI have a Delta operator like those seen in Black Hawk Down? I’m looking for one as well as a SOAR pilot.

21 11 2006

Yup, the Delta operator I have has almost the same uniform, webbing and weapons as the Delta guys in the BHD movie…well an HK MK-23 replaces the M1911, and his M-4 comes with a supressor and a 4xACOG. The thing is some Delta guys say (on the commentary track for the DVD) they were wearing the same stuff as the Rangers (PASGT helmets and Ranger bodyarmor).

Unfortunately this actual figure is sold out and out of production, though you never know with e-bay and whatnot.

21 11 2006

“They are better than medicom and their stuff are priced attractively!”

If we put price out of the picture for a minute, and considering that Sideshow doesn’t have a Stormtrooper yet; where would you place Medicom when comparing other Stormtrooper releases. I recently placed an order for the Medicom RAH Shadow stormtrooper, think it’s a mistake?

21 11 2006

Gab,I have held out on buying the Medicom Stormie for so many months even though i was tempted to buy it just to compare against my marmit. Price aside, Medicom’s stormtrooper is of a smaller scale. More like 1/7 than 1/6. Moreover, the helmet is rather narrow and my eye keeps picking up this aspect of the helmet whenever i see one on display in a shop. I believe the Marmit helmet is the best so far.

I did contemplate getting Medicom troopers to display besides Medicom’s vader. It’s a good product in itself. Just that the scale and sculpt lowered its priority on my shopping list. If Shadow stormie is true 1/6, I will get it!

Celebration IV is round the corner. I’m hoping Sideshow will announce a 12″ troopers line then!

After hearing abt the Shadow stormtrooper from your first post, I looked up Sideshow’s site but could not see a promo pic of it. Any links to see the actual product?

21 11 2006

Yeah it’s an exclusive to

The reason I jumped at this is that I’m such a dweeb for Shadow Stormtroopers, I have 4 of the Hasbro Saga exclusives, lol. As for scale I think you’re right about the Shadow trooper too, I think it’s the same body as their normal stormy with new paint apps.

If I’m not mistaken, Sideshow has the Medicom Clone Trooper, and they mention that it’s a slightly different scale than their own products.

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