TIMRAM Case File 004 – AT-AT Driver001

15 11 2006

Unbeknown to many, an Empire facility was built on the Planet Hoth shortly after the Battle of Hoth. This facility served as a prison as well as a military research base. This facility was the source of rumours regarding the bioengineering of wampas into cliff wampas. It was believed that the Empire was somehow able to enlist cliff wampas in the protection of the Hoth base.

More commonly known about the Hoth base was the fact that the Empire’s 42nd Mechanised Infantry were its residents. The Empire’s Mechanised Infantry are expert drivers of the All Terrain Armoured Transport(AT-AT) and the All Terrain Scout Transport(AT-ST). Both the AT-AT and AT-ST were tantamount to the Empire’s victory in the Battle of Hoth where the Rebellion’s Echo Base was overwhelmed.

A part of the Hoth base was also converted into a training facility for newly recruited AT-AT and AT-ST Drivers. It was the perfect planet for training pilots of the Empire’s war machines as the planet Hoth offered much unmolested terrain for military exercises.

Our subject, AT-AT Driver001, was a recruit at the Hoth base about a year after the Battle of Hoth. During the time of his service at this base, news of the Rebellion’s victories were increasingly frequent. Morale at the Hoth base was dipping and loyalties crumbling. Commanders of the 42nd Mechanised Infantry had heard little from central command. All they could do was to hold the base and ensure that the daily patrols kept the Rebels out.

AT-AT Driver001 had believed that the downfall of the Empire was inevitable. It was never established at Psychology why he had held such a belief. He has always kept to himself here on TIMRAM HQ. However, Psychology believes that he had news from friends in other Sectors that the ancient order of the Jedi had returned and leading the Rebellion’s war effort. Our colleagues at Psychology are still working with the subject to understand the happenings at Hoth base. I believe we will know that some day.

Finding his loyalties swaying, AT-AT Driver001 was informed by friends of the existence of TIMRAM. He got word out to TIMRAM through a third party. He wanted asylum from the Empire’s regime.

TIMRAM HQ was very interested in this case as it revealed the location of the much speculated Hoth base. TIMRAM SpecOps was able to hijack a patrol AT-AT Driver001 was on and extracted him.

During the assault, AT-AT Driver001 wanted to his gunner friend to come along but he had refused. When SpecOps attacked, the gunner was killed as the AT-AT fell on its side. Psychology believes that AT-AT Driver001 harboured a certain anger towards TIMRAM for the death of his friend. It accounts for his introverted behaviour at TIMRAM.

However, AT-AT Driver001 has gradually shown signs of improvement with Rehab’s counselling programs. They are gaining this trust. Maybe some day we will know more about the covert activities within Hoth base.




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