Incoming – Hot Toys 1/6 ED-209

14 11 2006


ED-209 has hit SWFToys! Finally after waiting for another 2 weeks since missing on the first shipment of Hot Toy’s ED209, it is here!!! I could not be any more glad! The wait was painful and the battle damaged version was released in the midst of it. I had to check with the local store to ensure that the second shipment I was waiting on was not the battle damaged version! Those guys at the store has come through for me and I am so relieved!


For the uninitiated, ED-209 is that beastly of a robot from the Robocop movies. It was a truly memorable movie that I had watched as a kid. I remember it for its gritty setting where by a future city has been overwhelmed with crime. The police had become the fodder and are occasionally hunted for sport! Instead of wanting to preserve life, the police could be harbouring the secret wish for criminals to perish under their guns. Human beings are mere target boards on both sides of the law.

Then came the an organisation called OCP that provided a ‘solution’. A super cyborg robot infused with strength, bulletproof armour and the will of a good cop. It is called Robocop. As much as Robocop was the hero in the film, I felt sorry for him even as a young audience. I mean, who would want to be plugged into the socket everyday to recharge? You can’t crap in private, no interaction with family and worst of all, you had to eat baby food! Plegh!

Anyway, one of the main highlights of the movies was the introduction of ED-209. That huge testosterone filled arsenal of a tank that walks on two foot! I was in awe of this robot  then simply because it was designed so beautifully even though it was an eighties and nineties movie.

Hot Toys fulfilled a childhood dream of possessing this robot from the past with their announcement of an ED-209! The promo pics assured all fans that something of such high detail was coming their way. They just had to prepare their wallets!


ED-209’s box is huge… and heavy. Hot Toys had made a good decision to include a handle for easy carrying by the drooling and frothing buyer. Like the guy at the store joked, it really looked like a dvd player box! Can’t wait to open it!




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24 11 2006
Review - Hot Toys 1/6 Scale ED-209 « SWFTOYS - Reviews, Showcase and Musings

[…] Nice packaging from Hot Toys for ED-209. Due to its size, the box comes with a plastic handle at the top for ease of carrying by the drooling buyer! It does look like a DVD plaver box from afar. […]

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