Comics – Landing Something Special

12 11 2006

I have finally hunted down the above comic! The elusive comic in question is the X-Men: Fatal Attractions TPB. So what’s the big deal about this trade? Why my fatal attraction to it?

Well, it all started during my usual surfing Wikipedia on comic characters and storylines to satisfy my voracious knowledge gathering appetite. Comic knowledge appetite that is. One of my first Wikipedia searches was of course my all time fav superhero team – the X-Men. The Wikipedia page for X-Men had this nifty storyline links at the bottom of the page. It actually shows the different major storylines for the X-Men. I’ve heard of X-Tinction Agenda, Executioner’s Song, Dark Phoenix Saga… but Fatal Attractions? Sounds like a title straight out of Sharon Stone’s movies.

Curious, I clicked further to find out. Lo and behold, something caught my attention. Magneto draining the adamantium from Wolverine’s skeleton? My eyes lit up and I double checked the words to make sure I read it right. It was true!

Since the X-Men movie, I have always wondered how easily it would be for Magneto to crush Wolverine given he was metal laden. I thought it was something not explored. I guess I had been really out of touch since Fatal Attractions had been around for so many years! My bad.

Well, to make up for lost time, I went into a search for a trade paperback for this story. Yep, there is one and it is called… erm… Fatal Attractions. Further searches revealed that not many stores carry it. And it seems like it’s a rare find on the Internet. Unperturbed, I went down to several local comic stores to look. None of them had it. Now I must have it!

To cut the long story short, I chanced upon the Fatal Attractions TPB on the Internet one day. This particular trade was different. It had uncut pages. I am not someone who would think, “Hmm… uncut pages… would that make this comic more valuable?”. I just wanted to read the story. Unfortunately, there is no other ‘normal’ version available. So I got it.

It arrived yesterday. It’s like some manual for an electrical device! Rather large and seemingly unweildy for a read on the bed. 😛 While it was sweet to know that Jim Lee pencilled several issues in the storyline, the uncut pages will hinder reading unless I cut them. But cutting the pages would be quite an effort! Nevertheless, I can’t wait to read it!

Till I decide on the fate of this TPB.




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