Review – Sideshow Star Wars 12″ Qui Gon Jinn

11 11 2006

“I wish that were so.”

That was the ominous answer to a young Anakin’s remarks that a Jedi could not be killed. It came from a Jedi Master called Qui Gon Jinn. Qui Gon who? Yeah, tough name to pronounce huh? He was the only main character in Star Wars whose name I could not catch throughout the movie in the theatre. I had to search the Internet after that to nail down this Jedi’s name. Qui Gon Jinn it is.

If Tom Cruise is remembered as ‘Maverick’ in Top Gun, then Liam Neeson is remembered by millions of Star Wars fans as the maverick Jedi in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Qui Gon Jinn was a Jedi who believed in the ways of the Jedi but do not see eye to eye on occasions with the Jedi council. Although , it was his trait to do as he saw fit, he was committed to the ways of the Jedi. A revered Jedi Master he was. While ambition consumed Anakin, it was never high on the priorities of this unassuming Jedi.

Liam Neeson in the role of Qui Gon Jinn was probably the best ‘good guy’ character to be introduced in The Phantom Menace. Neeson has a natural powerful screen presence that make audiences pay attention to him. Couple that with a Star Wars movie and you have a memorable character! Unfortunately, Qui Gon Jinn was cut down in that movie by the best ‘bad guy’ character – Darth Maul! And to make things worse, Darth Maul died moments later effectively clearing the slate of the first movie of good characters. Darn!

As of the start of this review, I had a headache and was very tempted to go to bed. As I was handling Sideshow’s Qui Gon Jinn in the photo shoot, excitement subtly erased that headache. So what’s with the excitement? Read on…


This figure is a potential candidate for the best Sideshow Star Wars figure for 2006. Well, at least for me. Fantastic sculpt, good stability and a beautiful pair of lightsaber hilts makes this figure a winner!

What’s good:

  • Good packaging.
  • Fantastic sculpt. Resembles Liam Neeson from almost all angles!
  • Beautiful lightsaber hilts.
  • Stable figure!

What could be better:

  • Could be taller.
  • Hairline looks artificial on closer inspection.

Review Details


The only reason I am still writing this section for Sideshow Star Wars line is for the sakes of new readers. THE PACKAGING IS GREAT!!! COLLECTOR FRIENDLY! THUMBS UP!!!


This is the area that I liked best about Sideshow’s Qui Gon Jinn! And it is the best area to fall in love with a figure! The sculpt resembles Liam Neeson by a toy’s standards. The eys and nose as well as the shape of the face is dead-on. Add the Qui Gon Jinn hair and you get an accurate take on this Jedi Master!

I love the hair. It is a precursor to Sideshow’s Aragorn I believe. The folks at Sideshow has even given it a hairy neck treatment! Great details! Once again I must applaud Sideshow for the fantastic paint job on the face. Check out the eyes in the pics. They are not Photoshop-ed.

One gripe I have been alerted to is that the hairline looked artificial. It is rather defined unlike the previous Sideshow figures(except Mace) making it seems that Qui Gon Jinn is wearing a wig. This issue is most glaring when you are looking upwards at Qui Gon. You will notice that there seens to be a gap running along the hairline… it seems to have a shadow! 😛 For my piece this issue is present for the hairline across the forehead and at Qui Gon Jinn’s right temple. However, it is noticeable from about 12″ away. Any further, it’s not noticeable. Having said that, I would not pass on this figure for this irregularity.

Quality of Product

In the quality department, Qui Gon Jinn continues the good trait of quality as with previous Sideshow figures in the Star Wars line. No problems with the clothes or the figure body.

Talking about the body, it did feel that the body used for Qui Gon Jinn is different. The shoulder joint seemed more articulated as compared to Obi Wan. However, this was at best an assessment by touch.

I must also highlight that I love Sideshow’s arm design for the Star Wars figures’ bodies. The arms are able to get into quite a number of contortions to suit poses largely due to the articulation design. I really love the wrist articulation. It’s fun to adjust the articulation at the wrist to get the realistic poses that I need.

However, this Qui Gon Jinn could had been taller. In the movie, he was way taller than Obi Wan. But the figure is only slightly taller than the Sideshow Obi Wan. It would have been perfect if Sideshow had got the height right!


This is another area that Qui Gon Jinn scored well. After handling Sideshow’s Han Solo, Qui Gon Jinn’s stability was a significant improvement. He did not fall throughout the photo shoot. I noticed that it comes down to the boots design. The Jedi tend to come with tougher look boots with thicker soles and that helped the figures being stable.

I was rather impressed that Qui Gon Jinn was able to withstand the ‘bend the knee’ pose that I threw at him. All that was required was a small adjustment to the figure’s upper body after the feet were set. And he stood there without having the urge to lie down!

I discovered that a stable figure added more fun to the photo shoot as I was able to focus on poses and angles.


Sideshow’s Qui Gon Jinn comes with pretty standard ‘Jedi accessories’. The notable mention here are the lightsaber hilts. Wow, his lightsaber looked really imposing! It’s longer than the standard lightsaber and it had a clean finish. I did stop to marvel at both hilts for several seconds!

Maybe they should have included Republic credits or the blood analyser. Just some feedback.


Sideshow’s Qui Gon Jinn has really surprised me. I found myself repeating in my head that this is probably the best Jedi figure from Sideshow this year. I guess the headsculpt really won me over. Add stability and the figure’s movie bio and I am really excited!

My Jedi Order is slowly growing! Now I want Yoda!





3 responses

11 11 2006

Most other reviewers have complained that the hair on this figure feels like a one piece toupee, that the borders of his hairline look too defined to look realistic.

That bit of commentary is what’s been keeping me from getting Qui Gon. Did you feel that it’s something that’s fairly noticeable or can be overlooked?

12 11 2006

Hey, that’s a good point. I did not notice the hairline issue as I was engrossed with the face! The hairline reveals that the hair is attached onto a bald head because there is some shadow between the it and the forehead.It’s noticeable when you are looking upwards at him but not at eye level. In a way it does resemble those wigs Englishmen wore back then. 😛

I would not rule this out just for the hairline. The sculpt too good to pass and there is no other company out there on the horizon what would be making Qui Gon. Maybe Medicom?

Thanks for the feedback! Have updated the review! 🙂

16 11 2006

lol, I’m still not sure about getting him, he’s available at a local store here in Montreal. To tell you the truth I’m not too much of a fan of Jedi/Sith/People with Lightsabers, I have Obi Wan and am quite satisfied (though I couldn’t pass up pre-ordering Maul, and I’d really like to get Luke). I guess I have a thing for guns, lol (probably why I was crazy enough to pre-order the Shadow Stormtrooper).

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