Incoming – Sideshow Marvel Captain America Archive Set

10 11 2006

3 months of reading comics have finally convinced me to get Sideshow Marvel’s Captain America Archive Set. The sight of the shield being the centrepiece of this collectible really won me over. Top that with that familiar blue cowl with the little wings by the sides and it means a must-buy! 😛

 Though I am not a true blue fan of Captain America, some how I just love the character’s costume design. Those little wings at each side of his mask always fascinates me as I wonder how do those little things stay intact in a fight with a supervillain? And what purpose do they serve? Till today, I have not been able to answer that!

Then there is that imposing shield that Captain America weilds. It is touted to be indestructable and just as strong as Wolverine’s bones. The Captain always looks cool with that shield in hand! He is probably one of Marvel’s most recognisable creations!

I am still reeling from the excitement of buying it and I can’t wait for the weekend to open it! Come to think of it, this is my first superhero collectible from Marvel. I have recently sold of my Genesic Gaogaigar and there is an empty shelf waiting for this new piece to fill. This piece is definitely more cool than the CM GGGG(sorry GGGG fans)!

Maybe this will open the door to statues and busts in the future! Gosh!




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