Comics – Avengers Disassembled: Captain America

6 11 2006

Avengers Disassembled: Captain America

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Collecting Captain America #29 – 32, Captain America & The Falcon #5 – 7

With my comic adrenaline on a high after Thor Disassembled, I could not miss the next title in line Captain America Disassembled. However, I was rather disappointed for this choice of reading material. Not only was I unable to understanding the connection in the events in this comic with Avengers Disassembled, the stories were not outstanding.

I like Captain America but I could not bond with The Falcon in a similar way. I guess it’s the character’s design that is not very visually impressive. To me the Falcon is some guy with an awfully uncomfortable mask and a sometimes-there-sometimes-not-there set of wings. So he talks tough. So what? Cap beats him in my popularity polls anytime.

Ok, The Falcon aside, the story is rather bland. It seems to be written specifically to cater for the ‘Disassembled’ series. That is to rough up Captain America real bad such that he is… well… disassembled. So he drops his shield and gets pummelled. I get the disassembled idea.

Then there is that Deus Ex Machina factor wielded too often to my liking. First of all, to get Cap to go on an unauthorised mission, some lowlife Corporal at S.H.I.E.L.D impersonates as Nick Fury using Holographics to fool the intelligent Captain America. Sad thing is, Cap fell for it. The real Nick Fury later rubbished the act by saying the Holographics these days are very advanced. That’s Deus Ex Machina crap 1! It makes me wonder how many times Cap got duped into going on missions because of Holographics! Plegh.

Then Diamondback got hammered by Red Skull Till she was thought dead. All of a sudden, she gets back into the fight and saves Cap’s ass by overpowering an overpowered Red Skull. It was then revealed that this Diamondback was a Doppleganger that is actually very powerful! What bullshit Deus Ex Machina 2! I hate this type of lame storylines that have you go through a story only to overturn it in 2 panels!

I have no complains for the art in this comic. The main gripe I have is with the story. There seems to be no clear direction and certainly nothing that points the way towards the story in Avengers Disassembled.

Apologise for the spoilers but this comic has to be exposed for its lameness!




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