TIMRAM Case File 003 – Stormtrooper001

4 11 2006

 Imperial Stormtroopers form the bulk of the Empire’s infantry. Although frequently viewed as blaster fodder to Jedi and better skilled combatants, it is undeniable that when out in full force, Stormtroopers can almost take any fortified position over time. And the Empire has so many of them in its service.

Stormtrooper001 was the second Marmit to arrive at TIMRAM HQ. His case file is only released now due to an extended examination process at TIMRAM’s Physical Unit. At first look, Stormtrooper001 looked just like any faceless Stormtrooper. However, Physical’s examination process has revealed something peculiar about him.

In the standard Stormtrooper armour, this war veteran performed very well in the Combat aptitude tests. Scores were above average. There were no physical problems… at least not on the surface.

The surprise was when Stormtrooper001 steps out of the armour for Bio Physical examination that this trooper’s secret is revealed.

Stormtrooper001 does not possess the standard Marmit body. It seems that some bioengineer in the Empire’s payroll had performed a body swap on this Stormtrooper. This operation is not unheard of in the galaxy. Though frowned upon by the Rebellion, it is a much practised little-known fact within the hallways of the Death Star.

Word has it that the body swap is meant to enhance the performance of the average soldier. It is unknown the source of the body used in this operation but it looked like a custom Dragon-type body. The surgical skill is obviously very precise as the only way to detect is through a thorough bone scan. It is in this area that some clues of the possible advantage for a body swap could be revealed. Articulation differences. However, the full report on this will only be out sometime later as Physical has to complete an extensive test for something conclusive to be released.

When not visiting Physical, Stormtrooper001 has assimilated into the Marmit community at TIMRAM rather well. No irregularities in behaviour that could indicate a side effect of the operation could be observed.

Regular dialogue by TIMRAM staff with Stormtrooper001 revealed that he is relieved to have found a haven like TIMRAM for defectors from the Empire like him. We at TIMRAM are most glad to have him in the community.

Till TIMRAM Intel de-classify more information on this trooper.




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