Review – Sideshow 12″ Star Wars Han Solo

1 11 2006

“Han Solo. I’m captain of the Millennium Falcon. Chewie here tells me you’re lookin’ for passage to the Alderaan system?”

Therein in this one statement lies 3 names that contributed largely to the fun and adrenaline in the Original Trilogy. Han Solo, Chewbacca and their sexy ride, The Millennium Falcon, are forever etched in the memories of those of us who grew up with the OT. They add the dash of humour in the midst of the Star Wars characters’ flight from the Empire and romanticism in the darkest Rebel defeat. Who could forget the many space moments seen from within the Millennium Falcon’s cactacomb windowed cockpit or the blue streaks prior to a jump to hyperspace!

Come to think of it, Han Solo was the only handsome hunk in the galaxy in the OT! Well, unless someone managed to spot a handsome fella among the rebel pilots! Both Han and Leia electrified the big screen with their flirting and witty exchanges. It was a comfort to audiences that Leia turned out to be Luke’s sister!

Han was the epitome of a scoundrel at the start of Ep IV with him finding his conscience at the end of it. By Ep VI, the smuggler had turned commander and a loyal friend to Luke. It was this development that made us want to tear when Han was lowered into the carbonite freezing chamber. And remember his response to Leia’s desperate love cry of “I love you” then? He said “I know”. Aw….. Yep, that’s all he said. He stayed cool all the way to being frozen! Subsequently, the fumes engulfed him freezing his pained expression for Jabba’s pleasure. That was one of the best scenes in the OT! Makes me want to go re-watch it! 😛

The Millennium Falcon’s Captain is one of my favourite characters in Star Wars. That probably explained why I picked up Sideshow’s 12″ Han Solo. Now let’s get to the review!


Sideshow’s Han Solo has some resemblance issues regretably. It’s not exactly Harrison Ford but it is a zillion times better than Hasbro’s cocktail-shaking-bartender-look Han Solo. Design of the boot’s sole makes it rather unstable. So display it with the stand.

What’s good:

  • Good packaging.
  • Unique accessories – the breathing apparatus and Han’s signature blaster.
  • Puts one of the coolest characters in the most iconic sci-fi movie on your display shelve!

What could be better:

  • Does not exactly resemble Harrison Ford.
  • The clasp for the belt is pretty soft and can be broken if too much force is applied.
  • Figure is unstable.

Review Details


Another wonderfully conceived collector-friendly package by Sideshow. I’ve said this so many times now!


Sideshow’s sculpt for human faces in the Star Wars has been commendable so far. I would say Luke is the best in terms of resemblance so far although it is marred by that gaping mouth.

For the OT’s pretty boy, Harrison Ford, the figure’s sculpt did not quite hit it in terms of accuracy. I believe the nose and mouth are pretty accurate. The mouth did try to mimic Han’s signature smirk. It is more of the eyes that are off.

Nevertheless, the paint is still great. Check out the eyeballs with those red blood vessels! The wavy hair looks good too.

Quality of Product

For a non-Jedi, this 12″ Han Solo continues in the fine quality of figures produced by Sideshow. The garments are sewn to be movie-accurate. Details like the pockets on the jacket, the yellow stripes on the trousers and the white shirt under the jacket is pretty well implemented in the final product. Only gripe is that the jacket was a little too tight. As a result, turning the arms required much adjustment of the sleeves.


Sideshow’s Han Solo is not stable. Initially, I thought I noticed a slight difference in  the length of the legs. But after some adjustment, it turned out ok. Han Solo’s boot are similar to those highcut WWII German boots. It’s really a pair of glossy pretty boots.

Unfortunately, the thin sole of the boots cannot support the figure very well. It seems that boots that does not look heavy duty(like Obi Wan’s and Mace’s) have such balance issues.

If you were to look at one of the close-up shots of Han’s faces above, you will notice a slight discolouration on the tip of his nose. Yes, Han dived while I was shooting and he landed on his nose. Something like this happened to his buddy Luke as well.

Please use the display stand!


Sideshow’s Han Solo comes with his famous blaster, the utility belt, breathing apparatus and a droid control device. I would like to highlight  something about the utility belt.

The strap is made of leather much like the Jedis. The belt buckle has a clasp behind which is required to be fastened onto the hole already punctured onto the belt. As I was trying to push in the clasp, I realised that I was actually bending the clasp unknowingly when it missed the hole. So it is that soft! Be careful not to snap it.

The belt comes with the signature thigh holster that helped Han smoked Greedo without the later knowing what hit him. And guess what? It comes with the clasp that Han subtly removed to get his cheeky fingers to that trigger!

The breathing apparatus is a nice inclusion. It brings to remembrance the mynocks and ‘cave-closing’ scene! It fits snugly onto Han’s face by the way.

Finally, there is the blaster that Han swears by. Remember his advice to Luke that his ‘hokey religous’ weapon cannot beat a trusty blaster? Well, here you have it now with that funnel barrel and the scope!


Sideshow’s Han Solo is a pretty good take on this smug smuggler-turned-hero. Although the resemblance is not exactly Harrison Ford, it is not enough reason to skip this figure if you are a fan of the Original Trilogy. If only they sculpted it as well as the Sideshow premium format statues!

Now if Sideshow makes a 13″ Chewbacca! No more space or woody gorillas please! Wookie please!




3 responses

9 11 2006
Katherine Pizzey

I notice he looks more like harrison from the side. This was one figure i was going to pass on as the proto shots didn’t look that good but from your pics he’s not half as bad in the flesh?, plastic? whatever.

9 11 2006

Yeah you are right about his face. The resemblance is more from the side. I wanted to pass on this initially but i got tempted when i saw the box upon collection at the local store. I would say this is the original Han look which i like best. Better than say a Hoth for me.

11 11 2006
Katherine Pizzey

Yeah, i always liked Luke’s Hoth look better than Han’s. however i think my favourite han would be the Endor one with the trenchcoat.

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