Musings – A Comic From The Past

30 10 2006


I had taken the above photo with my mobile phone the other day when I was waiting for my wife at one of the less popular local malls. The sky had darkened then and as I entered the mall, I noticed a comic shop to my right. The shop window has comic books pasted from the top to the bottom. What caught my interest was that on closer inspection, I recognised some of the comics I had back in the early nineties! Too bad the shop’s shutters were down!

Of all the comics displayed there, I remembered ‘The Punisher War Zone #1’ because of it’s distinctive diecut cover. War Zone was one of my earliest forays into Punisher reading material. What nostalgia to see a familiar comic again! The other diecut comic that I can still remember is the yellow cover of Wolverine #50. Another yellow comic that I recall now is Nomad #1. I can’t remember why I picked that up though…

As I surveyed the other comics on the shop window, I was suddenly in my shoes in the early nineties. The feeling of marveling at the same comics, more than a decade old now, suddenly returned. I can’t explain it but it’s been a long long while since I could identify with the rationale of why I had bought a wide array of comic titles back then again.

Then I discover something that made comics of that era special. This is especially so for myself with regards to Spider-man comics. There is this rectangular box with Spidey’s head in it at the left bottom of the comics. That box seems to have some mesmerising effect on those who gaze upon the cover! I’m not sure if that box is still present in current comics but it defined a comic back then.

Too bad the shop was closed that night. Would pop by if I am in that area again!




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