Comics – Avengers Disassembled: Thor

29 10 2006

Avengers Disassembled: Thor

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Collecting Thor #80-85

This comic is probably one of the best I had read since I re-booted my comic reading hobby. I would say it’s the best Marvel comic for me so far. I had picked it up as I was tracing the events leading to Marvel’s Civil War.

Marvel comics that I had picked up so far always seemed to lack quality found in DC Comics or the other publishers. Well, at least to me. It is always to struggle to indulge in my favourite and familiar superheroes or to read a comic with a good premise. I would say that a well-crafted story is somehow lacking in the Marvel comics I picked up thus far. Maybe I need serious guidance in Marvel reads!

Anyway, Thor Disassembled blew me away. Prior to buying this Thor story arc, sources on the Net did highlight that the Ragnarok storyline is good. That and wanting to know what happens after Avengers Disassembled gave me some confidence to get it. And I was not disappointed!

First of all, let’s examine the art which is what makes or breaks the comic for me. Penciler Andrea DeVito’s art is not crisp type like that of Jim Lee or Marc Silvestri. But I liked it very much somehow… maybe it is because the story bordered on Norse mythology which has a fable-like inclination. That is, it need not depict realism in faces. Anyway, I just picked up ‘Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill’ which is done by the same team as Thor Disassembled. So I can see if the art there has a different feel to Thor Disassembled.

Still on the art, I was most glad that it did not disturbed my reading of the compelling story. Sometimes with terrible art, I will actually break from the reading ‘spell’ and examine the ugliness of a particular panel in the page! šŸ˜›

Now, the story. First of all, I am not a Thor reader. But back then as a kid, I did read a story on Thor and Loki and a fragment of that memory has been resurrected for this reading. I was totally unprepared for where the story was leading to. I mean, it was not just good versus evil. Not a hero-has-a-problem-enemy, hero-fixes-it kind of story. That makes it really refreshing from Marvel!

Loss and death is real in this story and you can feel for Thor for his loss of loved ones and inheritance. One moment all was well for the Thunder God and next he was cast down, broken and overwhelmed.

As he slowly realised that victory for his beloved Asgard is not a matter of achieving it through strength of arms, he makes the journey to seek out the answers to what was happening in his reality. I really appreciate that even for a new Thor reader like myself, I could get into the story and be mesmerised by it! The start of his journey to follow in the footsteps of Odin was where the twist in the story began!

The story from then on was surprising and climatic! With a hook at the end to make the reader wanting to know what is the fate of Thor. If you have not read Ragnarok, go pick it up! I can’t wait for the Civil War TPB to be out! Can’t wait to see Thor back in action!

See? No spoilers. šŸ™‚




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