Review – Medicom Kubrick 400% Darth Vader

28 10 2006

So I am in the midst of forming a Darth Vader shrine. Currently it has 2 12″ Vaders, a Riddell Vader helmet, Vader on op table, a Bearbrick Vader and a Vader postcard. Well, not quite a shrine people would pay a dollar to visit at the moment. But it’s a start nevertheless. Sorely missing from this personal line-up is Medicom’s EpIII Vader.

It seems that until the Medicom arrives, my recent aquisition of the Kubrick 400% Vader will have to steal the limelight for a while. Well, Kubrick Vader is not the first in this Star Wars line. I remember the Kubrick Han and Luke Stormtroopers had been released before. Somehow I passed over them. But Vader stopped me in my tracks.

Let’s get on with the review to find out why.


Possess a good sculpt for Vader’s helmet despite it’s pudgy look. It’s a good touch that the helmet can be removed to show a cute grimacing Anakin underneath. No complains on the materials used. Some inconsistency in the paint-work on the cheek areas of the helmet. One of the best from the Kubrick Star Wars 400% line!

What’s good:

  • Good helmet sculpt.
  • Removable helmet dome reveals the internal details of the helmet.
  • A cute looking face greets you upon removing the mask.
  • Lightsaber has good details.
  • As with Kubricks, it is very stable.

What could be better:

  • Inconsistent paint job on the cheek of the mask.
  • Could have been a real chain used to hold the cape.

Review Details


Medicom 400% Kubricks comes with a simple but appealing package. For the 400% Vader, the contrasting colors of black and red used on the box gives this product a stylish minimalist look. Vader is housed in a plastic tray that provides more than adequate protection against bumps. Very collector friendly as only adhesive tapes are required to be slit apart.


This was the area that attracted me to get this Kubrick. From the first shot above, you can’t tell that this Kubrick Darth Vader has a short and pudgy body. His mask and helmet looks just like the usual scale-accurate Darth Vader figures.

The cute side of a Kubrick is only revealed when you remove the helmet dome and mask. This is where the scarred face of Anakin frowns at you. Love the scowl really. Overall, it’s a good mix of coolness and cuteness. Getting this would be better than the ‘deformed’ version from Medicom. To me, that other piece sucks.

Quality of Product

Kubrick Darth Vader is mostly plastic as usual. The Vader reveal mask reminds you of a Riddell Vader helmet as removing the dome reveals the wirings and live support and communication electronics of the mask. Even the neck brace is featured accurately! Only thing is, don’t expect the level of details found on the Riddell!


The mask’s lenses are opaque and cannot be seen through like that of a Riddell helmet. The only gripe I have of the mask is the inconsistent paint job on the cheek area. Fans are aware that Vader’s mask has 2 tones – a glossy surface and a matte gunmetal surface. The matte surface is the area on the cheeks. However, on my piece, the right cheek is glossy but the left is matte! Looks like Vader ought to choke the daylights of the guy maintaining his helmet for this botched job!

The other details like the chest panel and belt have all the the right details. The cape is plastic by the way and moulded in a adorable bell shape. The chain holding the cape to Vader’s shoulders is a fake chain. Maybe I should say that it is a detail on the chest armour than a real chain. It would be better if it was a real chain but with that cape, a real chain could stick out like a sore thumb.


Unlikely to fall unless you live in an earthquake zone! Nuff’ said!


The only accessory is the lightsaber. For such a cute rendition of the Sith Lord, the lightsaber is wonderfully detailed. Slightly scaled down and it is worthy as a weapon for my Hasbro 12″ Darth Vader! Check out the pics to see it for yourself.


Love Darth Vader but thinking of getting something different and less serious? Get this Kubrick 400% Darth Vader then. From the neck up, it’s Vader from the movies staring at you. From the neck down, it’s Vader standing in front of a funny mirror.




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