Musings – Overseas Toy Hunting

26 10 2006

I have added a new page to chronicle my Hong Kong toy hunting trip. Although it’s been more than a year since I went to Hong Kong, I was able to retrieve the list of places to look for toys from my original travel notes. It lists a good number of places of which CTMA Centre is a must-visit if you can only go to one location due to time constraint. Do check out the basement although all the overhanging signs on the building’s facade will lead you up. There are good deals to be found below.

I remembered struggling to buy my Macross 1/48 Roy Fokker Valkryie when I was there. I had bought quite a number of toys by the last second day of my trip and had spent quite a fortune then. I knew I would regret not getting that valkryie since it was so much cheaper than what I could get back home. Thankfully I got it!

That Hong Kong trip saw Mrs SWFToys getting a new luggage to put in my valkryie, Guyver Guyot, Marmit AT-AT Driver and 2 Transformers Binaltechs! One new luggage just for toys! Imagine that! And I had to carry my Kotobukiya EpIII Vader as hand luggage. What a toy hunt with a great missus! 🙂

I would certainly like to return to Hong Kong to hunt again and to visit other places of interest that I had missed due to bad weather or timing. However, Mrs SWFToys is not very keen as she had a bad experience with the accomodations we had! Never, book that awful hotel with Tatami in it! It’s at the heart of Mongkok but the room in incredibly spartan. It’s size of the room did made me wonder if I am in Japan. Equipped with a 14″ TV and some scaffolding-like deco in the ceiling, it was the one hotel that we never encountered another guest on the same floor for the entire 4 nights we were there. Pretty spooky stuff at night!

Looking back, it was a pretty fun trip and an eye-opener to a toy haven. I’ll be heading for Tokyo Japan in December so I am doing some homework on toy haunts. However, I will probably be targeting only 1 toy (2 if I can locate Marmits 😛 ). I had found Bandai Museum on the Internet but it ceased operation on 31 Aug 2006! Darn! I wonder if there are toy museums for Medicom, Kotobukiya, Takara and Max Factory.

Hmm… more updates as the date draws nearer.




3 responses

27 10 2006
shaun wong

dude help me look out for a DC Direct 13″ Green Lantern when you there?

27 10 2006

ok man. will help you look out for it. you forming the 13″ Justice Leaguers?

27 10 2006
shaun wong

hopefully, been looking like mad for the GL, which I missed out cos I was busying working to launch THAT blog

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