TIMRAM Case File 002 – Sandtrooper002

25 10 2006

 Codenamed Sandtrooper002 at TIMRAM, this Marmit Sandtrooper LT arrived at HQ with his Dewback ride! It’s the first time that TIMRAM has such a huge resident. The official word is that it is still unknown if the high-ups here will take in that green lizard beast. A new facility will be required for it – that’s for sure.

At debriefing, among Sandtrooper002’s personal artifacts included extra sets of hands, blaster, waist pouches and the Dewback stick. There were no visible damage to his armour. The backpack was worn the right way up unlike Sandtrooper001. This guy looked just about perfect.

Sandtrooper002 was quickly introduced to Sandtrooper001 and the orange-pauldron trooper saw the Sergeant address him as ‘Sir’. As expected, they exchanged information of where their platoons were last located and how he got to know of TIMRAM. Sandtrooper002 had gotten a native of the planet to send word to TIMRAM of his location asking for an extraction.

TIMRAM SpecOps were dispatched for this extraction mission within a day. They had surveyed the Imperial Camp before making their move in the cover of darkness. No blaster was fired as stealth won the day. On the way out, Sandtrooper002 wanted to bring along his dewback ride citing that they had developed a bond riding daily in the harsh desert conditions. To minimise delay and thereby compromising SpecOps, TIMRAM agreed to the unusual extraction. As a result of this, Dewbacks have since been factored into the profiles of Sandtrooper LTs.

This Dewback codenamed 001 is a middle-aged lizard thought not fit for frontline duties. It is pretty healthy expect for a crooked tail. TIMRAM Physical had to update its databanks with data from Tatooine Creature Foundation(TCF) to have a better understand of how to conduct a physical check on this beast. The examination is underway at the time of this report.

Going through Physical as well on the day of Sandtrooper002’s arrival, it was discovered that the trooper’s left leg was slightly longer than the other. As a result, Sandtrooper002’s stability had been compromised. Until the scan results are out, it is unknown the patient’s body has been tampered by the Imperial.

At Intelligence, Sandtrooper002 was asked to about the location of Sandtrooper Corporals at his base camp. TIMRAM officials were surprised that that base had been without Corporals for a long time. It seemed that all Corporals were shipped to another location before he arrived at the base. No one has any idea where they were taken to. Some suggested a conflict with Rebel forces on Tatooine, other rumours involved an unknown location on the Outer Rims. This story was similar with Sandtrooper001’s account. Corporals are seldom found these days.

Nevertheless, TIMRAM Recon is actively operating throughout the galaxy to locate a Corporal and to solve the mystery of their exodus. SpecOps have seen several of their elite units moved to more distant bases to allow faster response time should an extraction be required.

Over the next few days, Sandtrooper002 will continue to work with TIMRAM on expanding its intel on the location of other Imperial Marmits. Let’s hope these information pay off handsomely. Till then, this marks another successful Marmit rescue!




4 responses

27 10 2006
shaun wong

awesome! Marmits rock. The dewback’s from hasbro?

27 10 2006

yeah! Marmits are simply beautiful! it’s a hasbro dewback minus the original rider! 😛

27 10 2006
shaun wong

how well do you think the medicom stormies compare to Marmits? Think medi’s too short leh.

28 10 2006

that’s true, shaun. they are shorter and has narrower heads. i’m still holding out on buying one as i always think i can use the $$ to get a marmit. to me, the marmit helmet is super accurate!

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