Comics – Avengers Disassembled

24 10 2006

Avengers Disassembled

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Collects Avengers #500 – #503, Avengers Finale

While tracing how the story of Civil War started, I came across information that pointed me to Avengers Disassembled as a good place to start. By the way I plan to get into Civil War only when the TPB comes out. So I have quite a bit of time getting updated to events leading to that epic.

I would not say that I am an Avengers fan. This main guys of this group has always been Iron Man, Cap, Thor, Hawkeye and the Hulk to me. It’s probably I have the impression of seeing them on the cover pretty often. I was aware of the roster change policy with the Avengers. Something like that at Chelsea.

Now that I have finished Avengers Disassembled, I realise Thor and Hulk is not MIA or no longer affiliated with the Avengers for sometime. And Scarlet Witch has been with the team for sometime but somehow I have never noticed her! My databank got some major update to do!

First impressions of Avengers Disassembled is that I like David Finch’s art. He is in my fave pencillers list now. Iron Man is rendered very magnificently! I wish the upcoming Iron Man movie could stick to the comic Iron Man design. The sequence of the She-Hulk getting infuriated was pretty incredible as well. In fact, you could see the insane fury in those zombie-like eyes! It made me want to know what the She-Hulk will thrash next! If pencillers can draw faces with accurate portrayal of their emotions, chances are they will get my vote. I was really happy to know that I would be finishing this comic with such great pencils all the way till the end.

For someone new to the Avengers, the story was intriguing. I do know that the Avengers team had planned to reboot the title with this series prior to reading this. I am ok with it. The X-Men had several reboots down through time as well. But as some characters fall, I wondered if this is really the end of the road for them. I did not know if it was the authentic Avenger killed or some clone thing. Maybe I did not expect that they drop like flies in the span of a few pages. And comics are notorious for finding a way to bring a character back from the deadest of dead!

I did get the feel that the day was uniquely terrible for them. Several times in the midst of all that destruction, I did flip back to the first pages where the Avengers where relaxing in their mansion on a beautiful day. That was before all hell broke loose. It made you feel that the Avengers team was dealt a cruel blow by the Avengers team behind the story. They had no idea what they heck just happened. You could feel their helplessness and pain of loosing their own. Members who were there suddenly are lost… seemingly forever.

The flow of the story did help me to be aquainted with the 3 retro Avengers pages inserted to stretch the relationship of a certain pioneering members way back to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby days.

It was after these pages that Avengers Finale followed. As the team faced the inevitable prospect of a permanent breakup, it was a nice touch for them to go round the table to reveal each member’s best Avengers moment. The reader is then brought on a nostalgic journey of the milestones in the team’s history. For a new Avengers reader like me, I did feel sadness creeping up as I flipped through each page. Not too sure if Avengers fans will tear though.

Ending with the team’s members departing in their own separate ways, the last pages showed how the people of the city showed appreciation of these heroes in their darkest hours. I guess this is one difference between the Avengers and the X-Men. The Avengers were a more poster-boy kind of team for the normal guy in the street. The X-Men had an overhanging outcast tag that relegated them into the confines of their mansion away from the city’s bustle.

Avengers Disassembled is definitely one of the best reads since I rebooted my comic hobby. I hope the continuing titles in the Disassembled series can maintain or up this story’s somber mood and nostalgic excellence!




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