Musings – Joy that displaces disappointment

23 10 2006

Ok, so many fellas have received the Hot Toys’s ED-209 in the past few days. Well, I had pre-ordered it but not one unit of ED-209 landed in my lap. Why? Because I missed out on replying to an sms during lunch hour! What a great time to send sms to all loyal customers.

Amidst all that noise and clattering of utensils, I could hardly hear the sms beep on my mobile phone. It was not until more than an hour later that I realised that the local toy shop had sent out the sms for customers to revert if they are confirming collecting their ED-209s.

With a limited number for the first run, it was all swept up in minutes… and I replied more than 60mins later. 😦 That night, I had the time to open up ED-209 and marvel at another toy reminiscence of childhood TV. Had the time, but no ED-209. That sucked. And I was really disappointed. 

Well, that disappointment was shortlived as I was to receive my new ‘workbench’ the next day. The photos seen on SWFToys had so far been shot on a makeshift ‘studio’. This studio is seen in the first pic below.

 Yes. That ingenious pile of boxes is actually workbench version 1! Though not nearly perfect, it was a good test of figure stability due to the inclines on the surfaces. Many fun hours were spent shooting figures off this setup! But it had one problem – unsightly in the eyes of Mrs SWFToys.

So it happened that I mentioned to Mrs SWFToys that I had plans to go to the local furniture store to source for 2 standing lamps to allow me to shoot even at night. Surprisingly, Mrs SWFToys was all for it and even suggested that I get a proper table! Well, I was glad that the lamp idea was accepted but a table sounds pretty good too.

I really did not mind continue to shoot with workbench version 1 but if it is a table… imagine what I can do there… shooting stuff, modelling, customising stuff, airbrushing… whoa! That got me really excited.

So off we went to get all that stuff. It took a week to deliver. After all the fixing and screwing, workbench version 2 is finally up and running! Check out the pics below!

It’s the way I like it, simple but a good start! Honestly, I can’t wait to start using it. Which figure should I shoot first? Hmm…

All this would not have been possible if Mrs SWFToys had not been so supportive of my little hobby. I mean, she had to put up with all my toy boxes in the storeroom and study, time spent on shooting and this blog. And yet, she gives me that space we had originally intended for a couch. I am touched.

I want to say to Mrs SWFToys, “Thank you and I love you very much!” It means a lot to have your support!

I missed ED-209 last Friday. The delivery day was last Saturday. Who’s missing ED-209 with all this love going around me?




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27 10 2006
shaun wong

Looking forward to your photos with your new set up man.

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