Showcase – Hot Toys AVP Predators Shootout

21 10 2006

 Here’s a ‘family’ shot of all the Hot Toys Predators as I did not review the Scar and the Celtic. Somehow, the Predators look best when stand straight.

It seems that Hot Toys’ Predators had one ‘batch-similarity’. For example, Scar and Celtic had the same feet design while Elder and Chopper had another design altogether. I am not sure if this is movie accurate as I had never stared intently at their footwear. Or it could be a case of making-use-of-the-latest-mould kind of thing. I will take note of it when I rewatch AVP or the Predator movies.

Anyway, I have prepared a shootout among the Predators to aid those who are late in getting them or have budgetary constraints. Hope this helps you decide which Hot Toys Predator to get.

Scar Predator:

Get this if:

  • You are a fan of the original movies.
  • You like the classic Predator look as depicted in comics and movies.
  • You like a warrior Predator with a symbol on its mask.
  • You want to re-enact the scene with your kitbash Arnie rolling in the mud with a Predator.
  • You want your guests to ask if the Predator is giving the scars or at the receiving point.

Celtic Predator:

Get this if:

  • You want the most fearsome of Predator masks.
  • Celtic sounds exotic to you.
  • You want your guests to nod their heads intelligently although they have no idea what the Predator’s name means.

Elder Predator:

Get this if:

  • You are sick of the warrior types.
  • You rub your hands with glee and look forward to fixing all that facial hair on this Predator. Hey, it looks darn good with all that hair.
  • You want a unique combistick.
  • You are a sucker for a figure wearing a cape.
  • You want to display a Predator baring it’s teeth.
  • You want a Predator that looks honourable enough to bestow an alien weapon to a 12″ figure of yours.
  • You want your guest to ask if the Predator has any social benefits for being an elder.

Chopper Predator:

Get this if:

  • You love humanoid skulls.
  • You want to tell people that this is the fella that got skewered by an Alien first in AVP.
  • You want a different mask color.
  • You want your guests to ask you if this Predator owns a butcher cleaver or it has a bike licence.



14 responses

17 03 2007

I saw on the Hot Toys site that these require assembly. Is it easy to assemble?

18 03 2007

Hi Kenny,
Honestly they are very easy to assemble. They are snap fit so no gluing or cutting is required. However, I have met some resistance when fitting the heads in. But it is very much dependent on the very piece you get. Other than that, it is a must get for the Predator fan.

18 03 2007

Thanks. Will get one as soon as I can find it at a good price.

30 01 2008

Speaking of a good price, where did u get yours at?

3 07 2008


These figures are awesome. are the feet interchangable with the predator 2 line?

18 10 2008

thank you for the idea now im gonna go make my own preditor toy lol i own the tools

10 12 2008

dude i want em all i am an altimate predator freak!!!!!!

6 08 2009

look awesome. but are they playable with. my son loves predators.

9 08 2009

My son loves predators so would these be good figures for his birthday next 6 years. Please respond. My son has all the predators and aliens you can buy except the chopper one. ples respond. my son is 5.

24 06 2010

holy!!!!! all exept the chopper?!

5 09 2009


How are you? May I ask if the bio-helmets are interchangeable or are they specific to its Predator. Also, may I ask the dimensions of the Celtic Pred’s helm, please? (just lenght and width)

I understand that these are 1:6 scale figures, so they should be around 14″-15″ tall, yes?

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

24 06 2010

Man i know how you feel i LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE PREDATORS!!!!!!!!! i realy want them all they look cool i have an 18” alien and thows avpr NECA figures i just want a predator

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