Review – Hot Toys 16″ Alien Warrior

20 10 2006

I remembered the director of Alien Resurrection wanted to show the Alien to move with blinding speed. That for the first time the audience got to see in first person view of the Alien as it moved. And this creature was not constrained by gravity. It actually moved on the floor, walls and ceiling with equal guile. But some movie-goer were already ready to puke from the swirling shots!

Nearly a decade after that film, alien fans had gotten used to the long word – quadrilogy. Afterall, the lead actress had an equally long and unusual first name. It seemed pretty weird to end on a 4, so it seems that a fifth film is required to end the series in a nice… erm… five movie pack. 🙂 Number five will happen. It’s just a matter of when. I certainly do hope that it will be the best in the series. But the original is rather tough to displace from fans’ hearts.

It’s certainly good news that an Alien figure is not awaiting that fifth film to be released. Hot Toys has been doing rather well in their selection of figures to produce. Their Movie Masterpiece line has been fantastic so far. So Alien fans are expecting a pretty good Alien figure from them when it was announced. It did not help that the figure looked so realistic in the promo shots… and of course the mini-mouth thingy drove many nuts.

Pre-release photos from the Internet had given collectors the impression that Hot Toys’ Alien Warrior came with realistic acidic saliva. Let me burst that bubble of myth – no saliva here. If its seen in the pics, they are probably photoshoped.  

Here’s the review…

What’s good:

  • Beautiful and collector-friendly packaging once again.
  • Fantastic details on the figure… marvelous. 
  • Good scale to match the 12″ Marines and 14″ Predators!
  • Wonderful construction of the mouth and the mini-mouth within! 

What could be better:

  • The plastic tray seems to dull the part of the dome of the alien’s head.
  • Figure is unstable on its feet. 
  • Pricey for a figure with no accessories.
  • Fixing the back protrusions can be confusing.
  • The soft rubber body ‘suit’ is a little of a climate concern.
  • Hot Toys should have packaged the 1/6 Alien egg with this package.

Review Details


Hot Toys has attained enlightenment in the area of its box designs. Very collector friendly without the need of putting a blade to it. Figure is well protected in the plastic case. However, the top cover of the figure tray seemed to have pressed onto my alien’s head a little too long. As a result, there is a dull patch on the otherwise glossy dome head of the alien. Can’t seem to bring back the shine. Darn!

Check out this post for pics of the box details.


This is probably the best Alien figure for your 12″ figures. It looks really fantastic! It’s amazing how a company out of China could churn out figures of such accuracy! There is no doubt that anyone would think that this is some other space-travelling creature other than THE Alien from the movies!

The Alien’s head is an map of details. Those teeth looked just as terrifying as in those movie shots where some human fodder ended up staring into the Alien’s face before they are a goner! With the mini-mouth extended out, it is simply awesome to see the side of the mouth stretch in such realistic fashion! Check out the pics to see what I mean! Simply awesome! The glossy dome actually houses the Alien’s brain inside. I mean I see a brain through it! Freakin’ cool stuff!

Quality of Product

Fantastic details is the winning area for this Alien Warrior. I gasped in awe as I beheld the head of the alien. It is as I had mentioned above.  The mechanism designed to extend the mini-mouth is pretty good. When the lever at the base of the head is pushed in, it locks the lever, opens the main mouth and extends the little guy inside. When the lever is released, everything goes back to normal. This lever movement felt rather solid.

The Alien Warrior is decked out in a soft rubbery suit over the plastic skeleton within. This soft material is a concern for me as it is the first time I am encountering it. I hope it holds up in humid climate. It’ll be a shame if something happens to it as it possesses so much wonderful details of the Alien’s body. On the bright side, you could simulate the breathing of the Alien by pressing its ribs with 2 fingers. Now, if someone could put out a podcast on this!

You can see the 8-pack abs, the patterns on its limbs, the nature of its neck area. All very well-detailed. The protrusions on its back also brings to remembrance the same shape we see in the movies. However, there is no clear documentation on these protrusions. You would have to rely on their original placements on the plastic tray. Only do ensure that you do not dislodge them when you are removing the plastic cover tray. The next best way is to try to match the curves or examine the socket patterns to determine which goes where. Hot Toys could have given more help here.

Articulation on this figure is decent too. The limbs are on ball joints similar to Hot Toy’s Robocop. The leg also possesses some lateral movement in addition to its ball joint. As such it is able to spread its legs wider for a crouching stance. Hot Toys has taken pains to give addition ‘skin’ material to cover any gaping hole that expose the leg joints when it is stretched. Very thoughtful.

The fingers and toes are the bendy type. It’s a plus for posing but the bendy toes are bad for standing as I will mention below. The tail is about the same length as the body and it seems to be capable of the same function as that on a T-Rex – weight balance. It would be possible had the feet been more solid to provide some decent support. The bendy tail also allows you to pose it in wicked ready to strike poses!


Ok, this is not a department the Alien Warrior excels in. It cannot stand  firmly on its feet. First of all, the head is heavy with respect to the rest of the body. And the feet cannot support this weight with those bendy toes it has. The only solid part in the feet is the pretty much the area below the ankles plus a radius of 5mm give and take. It’s not even the area minus the toes because the rubber overlay to give the details is soft.

The best chance to it standing upright is to use the tail as a third anchor. I have my Alien on all fours to save shelve space! Shelve space is like property when more figures are coming in!


Well, there are no accessories that come with this Alien Warrior. On hindsight, Hot Toys should have included the 1/6 egg with this package than the earlier snap fit kits. It was strange that they had a shot of the alien egg at the back of the box under the photos that depicted the accessories or special features of this package when it was never included.


Since there is no real competitor for such an articulated Alien Warrior figure presently, this rendition of the movie beastie is probably the best out here for such a scale. In fact, even with competition, the details on this figure will be hard to beat. Although the price is considered high for a snap fit kit like this, the details will win over many as they are simply fantastic.




6 responses

2 12 2007

So the alien can open their jaws or their just two toys.

3 12 2007

Hi Steve,
I’m not too sure what you mean but yes, this Alien warrior is able to open its jaws.

8 07 2009

hey i got a question… is the alien ment to be a toy that you play with or for “decorations” couse i wanna buy it but i wanna make sure if i do it wont brake… help please???

3 03 2010
mark macfarlane

it is more for decorations but if u do play with it be very carefull.

8 07 2009

i have another question… weres the brain located? i can see it? and has urs held up in humid weather???

28 04 2016
Alexander Egbuanran

Hello I have the battledamaged predalien don’t know if you’ll be able to see this comment as this review is like several years old sorry for the lateness. Have you ever tried putting the feet of this avp alien warrior on the legs of the predalien and if not do you think the ball joints would fit in if it were tried? Don’t care about stability but more for a retro killer look. I always loved the look of these feet!

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