TIMRAM – Unveiling the Movement’s Logo

19 10 2006

Here’s an update as to what is happening within TIMRAM recently. I have actually come up with a logo! Well, a worthy movement needs a fitting logo for identity right? Ok so you have it – TIMRAM’s logo with its intention clearly spelt out.

One may ask, “Why choose a stormtrooper to front a movement that has Bobas, Stormies, Sandies, TIEs and ATies?”. Well, I tried to include all thes guys but somehow the image of a stormie just came very strongly during the logo design. It’s probably my fixation with that helmet design. Gosh, it’s actually a helmet designed in the 1970s! Talk about being ahead of its time! That’s the beauty about Star Wars! 1970s stuff still going strong in the area of coolness with those in the new millenium? Go figure.

Anyway, the wordings are bent in an arc to represent the scope of this movement – which is the world. Very much like how Universal’s words move around the earth at the start of their movies. The tagline makes no effort to hide the TIMRAM’s intentions. It’s no b-s stuff.

Well, the last 2 weeks had been fruitful for the movement. Enroute to TIMRAM’s HQ as we speak is a Sandtrooper Lt with his Dewback ride. Another Sandie Lt and also his Dewback had arrived at TIMRAM HQ last week. These new guys are the result of covert operations in foreign soil. The TIMRAM ‘tango’ operators had completed both operations that could had taken days in a matter of seconds.

Basically these highly trained individuals stayed under the cover of darkeness and made their move only seconds before the march of daylight. Though resistance was light, extracting them was more complicating due to the dewbacks. I mean they are huge and TIMRAM has yet to decide if the movement will also accept these beasts! And we are talking about 2 of such beasts here!

Once TIMRAM’s Processing Department has debriefed the Sandies, their case files will be released. In the meantime, look out for other case files on the way.

Over and out.




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