Review – Hot Toys 14″ Elder Predator

15 10 2006

Sources on the Internet have it that a Predator is defined as an ‘Elder’ when it has survived a thousand hunts. They are the epitome of discipline among their race and seemed the caste that would seek the most extreme of challenges. Little seems to be known about them. I could hardly find good information on this particular caste of Predators.

Anyway, when I first saw this Predator wearing a cape and adorned with some serious costume jewellry, I did get the impression that this fella must have ‘made it in life’. I mean, most Predators are decked out in their mask and are never seen with a cape! The Elder is almost always portrayed without its mask, relegating the mask to be a badge of honor than an equipment necessary for survival. I guess living the high life does have its privileges.

Onto the review…

What’s good:

  • Beautiful and collector-friendly packaging once again.
  • Fantastic details on the figure and accessories…. yet again. 
  • Unique set of accessories.
  • Accurate height of 14″ gives the Predator an intimidating presence on your display shelves!
  • Stable figure.
  • Nice blue dreadlocks for a change!

What could be better:

  • It had been really tough fixing the Predator’s head!
  • Once again the display base is not suitable for a figure this big! It’s the fourth time!
  • Pricey… but worth it.
  • To Hot Toys – You don’t seriously expect us to go fix his fine hairs right?
  • If the fine hair is planted on the Elder’s scalp, it seems almost certain you have zero chance of putting that mask onto it.

Review Details


The packaging for Hot Toys’ Predator has been impressive. It’s very collector friendly. The box art so far is much better than Takara or Medicom. I would award them full marks in this department!

Check this post for the art on the sleeve.


I believe the Elder Predator’s sculpt is the best of the 4 released Hot Toys Predators. The opened mouth fits its menacing stare to bring out the ferocity of this alien species. It brings to memories the pissed look of a Predator in the movies when it removes its mask. The Scar, Celtic and Chopper all had a closed mandible sculpt which made them looked better with the masks on.

Quality of Product

Good details is the hallmark so far in Hot Toys’ Predator figures. The armour surface is moulded and painted to resemble a weathered and tough metal. Masks have different designs that included complex panel lines and accurate modelling after the movie versions. Accessories such as the skull necklaces are realistic and the all the Predator’s blades looked dangerously sharp! It’s ‘hair’ is really a combination of individual strands of dreadlocks that are bendable.

For the Elder, the material of the cape felt pretty good. It’s sewn double-sided with 2 different materials. Although the body seems similar(maybe slight paint differences) as the other Predators, I have no complains of it as it is very able to form the foundation for every Predator figure.

However, I do have a complain concerning the fixing of the head. It’s really tough! For the Elder, I spent a combined time of about 2 hours to finally pop the head onto the neck joint. It was a very harrowing experience as I had to use quite bit of force. Holding the head while applying that force was made difficult by the dreadlocks that can come loose if your fingers press in too strongly. Thankfully the head was tough enough to withstand the multiple pushing.

Important: Please remember to put in both the skull neckalace and the other neck accessory before you pop in the head! Avoid removing the head once it is fixed! For the skull necklace, you can still negotiate among the dreadlocks and over the head if you have forgotten to sling it around the neck before the head is fixed. It’s surprisingly easy.

Another peeve I had was the fine hairs that were supposed to be planted onto the scalp. I did not count them but I believe there were over 30 of these hairs. It does not help that the holes to plant the hairs are not well-defined and are shallow.  The funny thing is that how to go about doing this planting is not documented in the parts assembly guide. Maybe it is intended for advanced modellers?

Nevertheless, I must admit that with the hairs all attached onto the scalp, the elder looked really good. It does convey age and experience. The downside would be that you would not be able to mount the mask. 

A lot of thought has been put into the design of each part of the figure. It is evident. Fantastic work!


In the photo shoot, the Elder Predator was stable. Special care should be given to the Predators’ ball jointed ankles. If they ever become loose, stability will be greatly affected as the figure is pretty heavy. The best way to display as well as care for those joints would be to use the display stand that comes with it.

As usual, I must highlight that the display stand is more adequate for a 12″ figure than this 14″ Predator.


The Elder Predator comes with its own unique accessories. There is the beautiful crimson cape, the ceremonial-looking combi stick, the constricting neck adornment, a more prominent skull necklace and its special mask.

However, there will be no plasmacaster or the blade-ready version of the smartdisk. It’s really not a problem given the nature of this Predator.

When the accessories are all put together, the Elder does stand out among the other 3 Predators as the mature fella. Anyway, check out the pictures for more details on the accessories. A picture do convey a thousand words.


It would be hard to pass over the Elder Predator if you have bought the previous Predators. If you have the previous 3 figures, then it is a MUST to get this. At least the Elder does give a freshness to the Predator line with its unique positioning as a creature of a higher caste in their race. Give this premise, it opens the doors for new accessories and a reason to discard those that  are no longer applicable.

In addition, the headsculpt does have a better expression with those opened mandibles. Without the need to mount the mask, this Predator could show its face while displayed. A good contrast with the others who are masked I would think. In a way, you get the best of everything from this race!




6 responses

6 01 2008

is it possable for the elder predator to wear his mask?
if so, could you post a picture of him wearing it?

30 03 2008

there are eighty quills to be attached, use a hot needle to create the holes then use glue to attach the quills one by one following the pattern pictured on the box. hope that helps anyone still confused about them, easier than it looks p.s. use needle nosed pliers to grip the quills when attaching.

25 04 2009
predator king

the mask can be better

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