Incoming – Kubrick 400% Darth Vader

14 10 2006

 With my posting on my Fetts Tribute, I have been gearing up for a Vader Tribute for some time. The different toys that becomes part of my tribute have to appeal to me. So it will not be part of the tribute just because it is a Vader or Boba Fett toy.

Speaking of a toy… the box of my recent aquisition says in fine print – “Adult collectible. Not a toy. Recommended for ages 15 & up.” This box houses the Kubrick 400% Vader. It’s comforting to see a overblown lego-like Darth Vader to be considered a collectible and not a toy! There is a clear line between mass produced toys and ‘adult collectibles’ afterall!

I did not plan to get this piece initially. I happen to see its pictures in an email alert from the local toy store. Although its intention seems to be something close to a super-deformed figure from the Gundam line, the details seem to be rather good. That was what caught my attention. A short pudgy Vader this guy may be but the proportions of the mask looked really good. Enlarged a couple of times, it could probably give my Riddell Vader mask a run for its money. And it’s a bonus that inside it housed a pretty cute looking face of the EpVI Vader!

Another funny thing about the words on this box is this… “WARNING: Choking Hazard”. Our friend Captain Needa obviously did not heed this warning.




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