Announcements – Reviews at a glance

13 10 2006

I’ve created a page to list all reviews within 2006 that SWFToys has covered so far. I hope this helps in navigating between reviews.

However, it seems that after a second page was added, the presentation theme is rendering the pages horizontally on the blog’s homepage. See the top of the blog as well as the ‘Pages’ section in the sidebar.

I am pretty happy with the current presentation theme. I had started with the Hemingway theme initially as I wanted to have a dark background. But Hemingway had restrictions pertaining to its sidebar. I hope I do not have to change the theme again.

My focus right now is on building content. Afterall, it is my love for toys and comics that got this site created. However, should the presentation theme be insufficient to handle the content, then I will have to change it again.

I would prefer to design it myself but that will be a reality only with a user-hosted blog. In the meantime, I want all readers to continue enjoying the toys and comics presented through articles and photos here.




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